Several days worth of planning, supply gathering, coordination, and hard work had led up to that moment.

Feeling a swell of pride over the accomplishment, Janderius took a few steps back to admire the collective handiwork of the Templar recruits that had aided his efforts. Elations, jubilations and congratulations were shared all around as he handed out beer bottles and high fives to the group. The diverse talents of spellcasters and laborers alike came together to create something wonderful.

They had done it.

The Templars’ new forward encampment on the Stormheim coast was already very well suited to the organization’s needs, but up until that moment, there was something important that it sorely lacked. Namely; an impressive structure that could provide Templar mages everything they might need for aiding the guild’s efforts on the Broken Isles.

The most important asset of such a structure would be a permanent portal anchor. The art of crafting an arcane portal involves a very clear understanding of the precise destination on the other end of a mage’s incantation. Major cities all have such anchors already in place, and a similar one had been set up in Westguard for the Templars’ purposes years ago. They create a very strong arcane presence that a mage can lock onto and focus on from a great distance. Such clarity is key for making sure that not only is the spell successful, but it doesn’t take too much out of the mage involved. The more familiar such a mage is with their destination, the easier it is for them to make a gateway to it.

Having readily available portals between the new forward base and Westguard will be crucial to the guild’s campaign on the island, enabling easy transport of personnel and supplies between the two settlements.

The plan was put into motion as soon as the Justicar had settled on a suitable spot for the Templar host to begin construction. It started with a few small shipments of stone and mortar, creating foundations that extended down into the ground for a permanence that couldn’t be found otherwise. The aid of Mosur’s bond with the earth ensured that it would be very difficult for anyone to be able to move or disrupt the subterranean formations. 

A large leystone disc capped off the submerged stone pillar, the only part of the construction that could be seen from above ground. Smelted and shaped by Koryander according to Jander’s specifications, it was subsequently welded directly to the stones beneath it. Intricate circular patterns spiraled outwards from the disc’s center, an arcane circle etched permanently into the metal surface. The complex runes were engraved with enough depth to allow different arcane powders to be easily poured into the grooves when necessary.

With all of the physical components in place, several days were spent channeling the prolonged ritual incantations required to ‘enchant’ the disc itself. A long, tedious and draining process ensured that a very strong arcane presence radiated from the anchor, detectable by any experienced mage who took the time to attune themselves to its unique signature.

The portal anchor’s preparation was completed around the same time that the new barracks and supply hut’s construction had also concluded. Situated inside the encampment’s fortified fencing, the anchor needed just a few more additions to create a truly suitable arcane sanctum for the good of the guild.

Making do with what was available, a tent was erected on top of the anchor’s position, with a wide open entrance on one side. The canvas was of a faded turqouise hue, with accents of violet and gold making up the tent’s trim. Small banners were hung up outside the tent itself, flying the flag of both the Rose and the Kirin Tor (as if the tent’s function wasn’t already obvious enough to anyone that approached it.)

Aside from the anchor, the tent also contained a few secure storage chests of reagents and a shelf with a few commonly available tomes full of Broken Isles relevant reading material. Bottles of fresh water were displayed and available on a small end table beside the shelf. A sign with excellent calligraphy was posted inside, citing instructions for contacting Templar mages over the guildstone, should any their services ever need to be called upon while they’re absent from the camp. A single guard was posted outside the tent at all hours of the day. 

After enjoying several rounds of celebratory drinks with everyone involved in the construction process, one of the recruits brought forth a simple wooden sign that one of the carpenters had just finished throwing together. Everyone else stood around and enjoyed the commemorative nature of watching its stake get pounded securely into the ground next to the tent’s entrance.

A can of black paint and a brush was on hand for Jander to kneel down in front of the sign and bestow the new magic tent with a suitable title. It was hard for him to contain the proud smile that tugged harder and harder on the corners of his mouth.

The sign simply read:MAGE “TOWER.”

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