Little had been gained in analyzing and study of prominent points. The stack of pamphlets, however, was growing with every trip into the city. It almost seemed customary to get some sort of death omen paper from a doomsayer along with a few groceries or supplies. Five apples for a ten copper, it seemed, eat them up before we all die in fel fire. Freshly butchered lamb for the slaughter, only one silver for today only!

It was unsettling at the least and terrifying at the worst. The thought sitting at the back of the brain, underlying the many other tasks involved with the day, that every effort to fight back the Legion was in vain. Then again, she often tried to remind herself, it could be nothing. It could be they were just blowing hot air or perhaps it was some vague flop of an attempt to destabilize the public of Stormwind with wild threats. Someone had made the point, though, that the last time doomsayers sprang up out of nowhere, many thought nothing of it, and then Deathwing sprouted up like a bat out of hell.

Take it with a grain of salt, Esreiella reminded herself as she stacked clean paper at the desk in her study. She simply would not worry about impending doom. Things had been going too right and she had reached the point where getting out of bed every day was significantly less difficult. A renewed sense of purpose and feelings of warmth had thrown a blanket over the normal feeling of complete void she had progressed into. It was still there, and sometimes very noticeable; but it had become easier to overlook it.

Just bleeding typical that we’d all be thoroughly fucked when I start to feel happy
, the thought sprang into her mind. Likely a product of her doubt and cynicism, but there other matters. Ones that required focus rather than dwelling on the melancholy.

To my colleagues,

We have recently began searching for answers in this wide and vast world. We know the possibility of what lies ahead, and I can say without a doubt that we understand the ramifications better than many others. At the same time, we are sensible individuals. Never forget that, no matter how others lose their heads. If the storm comes to our shores, remember that we are to be the pillar and the guides. The fact that we have gathered on numerous occasions in safety is a testament to our strength as a united group. Our individual personas lend to our cause, but we are still small and fragile.

Like so many other groups that are recognized, we must be willing to grow and reach out to other like-minded individuals. That is purpose of the letter you are receiving today.

As many of you will recall, our first meeting over tea included a number of us. Unfortunately, that number has fallen, but we cannot discount those that are not present with us today. We must take it upon ourselves to reach out and make note of their situations. There are a number of people and forces in our world that wish to see our kind destroyed and forgotten by the annals of history. Our nature may be the very essence of damnation, but we know our purpose and our purpose is just.

It is time we see to our brothers and sisters, those who joined us upon that first night. We must know of their safety and they must be informed of our intentions. Simply put, I seek their names and where I might find them. This does not mean that you are discouraged from finding this for yourself. If you know where these others have gone to, then by all means, check on their welfare, inform them, and then inform us.

I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

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