It was late at night in Stormwind. Zetera knelt on a ledge overlooking the harbor. She was still going over in her head what had transpired at the Blue Recluse. The Justicar asked her about leading the Illidari and helping them integrate.

�Some fucking leader.� Zetera knocked back another sip from her flask. She knew that she had to find Ryo before the others got a hold of him, not just for his sake, but for everyone else�s. She had told the others to help and get all these various things together, she never intended on actually utilizing any of them. This was her problem, Zetera had the chance in the past to suggest Ryo�s imprisonment, she let him go every time. �No one else is getting hurt due to my failures.�

Anyone who noticed Zetera could tell she was off. Drinking heavily again, she was avoiding contact with most unless requested. Even Ana would have noticed her strange absence. �It�s better this way for now at least,� Zetera said to herself. She listened in to various conversations of those working late at the docks. If Ryo was in Stormwind he would stand out, there is no way around that. In fact, it wasn�t long until she heard gossip about a large man and a small woman headed north. �Northrend or Broken Isles, not as narrow as I had hoped but at least it�s a start.� Zetera made her way and headed off.

Her mind was almost completely enveloped in this hunt, she blamed herself for all of it getting so out of hand. The question she still can�t answer is whether or not to kill Ryo or capture him. It would be easy enough to say she had no other choice, but is that what she wants? Could she even live with that? What would Ana think of her if she killed Ryo? On top of all this she still doesn�t know if Ryo knew those cultists were demons or if he just struck without thought. Zetera sighed to herself and took another sip from her flask emptying it. She let out a grunt of frustration and anger, then tossing her flask as hard as she could at a nearby crate destroying it and the flask still kept going bouncing down the walk way.

�I�ll decide when I get there, I have to separate him from the girl though, can�t risk her trying to get in the way.� Zetera shook her head and was noticeable distraught and looked on the verge of collapsing from it all but she had to be stronger than that. The Illidari have to be prepared to hunt their own.


((At this point it will be very difficult to get ahold of Zetera, she is a little mentally unstable, complete tunnel vision on finding Ryo. There are only two that would have a good chance of getting her to answer at this point. Those being Ana, or Blackwald.))

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