August 4th, Year 30, 51 Days before the Invasion of Pandaria

“Miles, honey, we’re going to be late if we don’t get out the door!”

He examined himself in the mirror one last time before straightening his bow tie and flashing a toothy grin to make sure nothing was caught in his teeth.

“Coming, dear!”

He entered the common room to be greeted by his lovely wife Maria and his young son Miles Jr. waiting by the door.  He kneeled in front of Miles Jr. and feigned a look of surprise. “What have you done with my boy?!  He doesn’t dress up like this!”

“Daddy, it’s me!  Mommy dressed me up for the wedding!” He let out a shrill laugh as he raised his arms above his head in excitement to show off his new suit. “See?!”

Miles laughed in response, grabbing his son under the arms and hoisting him up to eye level. “My handsome son.  Your mother did a great job.” He turned his gaze to Maria and winked before leaning in to kiss her on the cheek.

She smiled at him before turning her attention to Miles Jr. “Alright boys, it’s time to go!  Are we forgetting anything?”

Miles Jr. shook his head, his combed hair falling out of place.  Maria covered covered her eyes and stifled a laugh.  “You certainly don’t stay tidied up long, do you honey?”  She wetted her fingers and ran them through is hair, neatly putting it all back into place.

Two hours later…

The Stormwind Cathedral was filled to the brim with friends and family.  A joyful chorus sang above the organ as the three entered.  Though they were running behind, they had made it in plenty of time to get settled.  Miles gave Maria a kiss on the cheek and Miles Jr. a kiss on the head before sending them off to their seats.  He then made his way down the aisle towards the altar, where his best friend James stood.

“Nervous, James?” He said with a grin. “The big day’s finally come!”

James laughed and shook his hand. “I’ve waited a long time for this day, Miles.  Nothing can stand in my way now.”

He gripped his hand proudly, still grinning.  “I’m happy that I can be here to share in your happiness.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

The Pastor approached them from the altar, leaning in and speaking quietly. “Best get to your places men, the Bride will be coming down the aisle any moment.”

They both nodded and looked at each other one last time before heading to their places at the altar.  Miles looked out to the crowd, his eyes landing on his wife and son.  He winked and gave them a playful smile before crossing his hands in front of him and looking down the aisle.

As the Cathedral fell quiet, the music changed and shortly after Kara emerged with her father from the double doors at the end of the aisle.  She was stunning, a true vision of beauty, and that fact was not lost on anyone in the room, none more so than her soon-to-be Husband, James.  Miles cast a quick gaze at James and could see the happiness glowing in his eyes.

One hour later…

The Pig and Whistle bustled with activity from the wedding.  Friends and family stuffed the tavern to the brim as the sound of laughter and the smell of ale filled the air.  Miles approached James and his new wife Kara, settling in between them and wrapping an arm around each of their shoulders.

“To the newlyweds.” He grinned. “Congratulations, you two.  It’s been a long time coming.”

Kara beamed with happiness as James raised his mug. “To love, happiness, and the best friend a man can rely on!”

The tavern erupted in cheer as everyone raised their mugs. “To the newlyweds!” they shouted. “To James and Kara!”

Miles grinned and pulled them both in close.  These were the sweet moments that life was made up of.

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