Previously: The Journal of Miles Kerrigan


August 19th, Year 30, 36 Days before the Invasion of Pandaria

“No, stop!” She screamed shrilly in the dim candle light, her contagious laugh fillings his ears.

“You can’t make me!” He grinned.

The two struggled on the feather-down bed, rolling and wrestling, smiles wide the entire time.

She huffed a tuft of hair out of her face and pretended to pout.  “No fair.  You’re stronger than me.”

He couldn’t help but laugh.  Her arms were pinned and she was practically helpless.

“Isn’t that what you always wanted?  A big, strong man to protect you?”

He watched her pouting face waver, eventually shifting into a broad smile.  She shook her head, unable to hold it.

“Okay.. okay.. you got me.  I’m just.. gonna..” She started to wiggle, trying to slide her arms out from under him. “..slide down.. and..” She continued to wiggle, a grin still plastered across her face while her brow was furrowed in feigned concentration.” ..and.. Ha!” She screamed as she wiggled out from under him and jumped on his back.

“Now you’re mine!”

She wrapped her arms around his chest and squeezed.

“Hey, wait a second!  How did this happen?!” He laughed, feigning a struggle.

“You underestimate my strength!” She proclaimed between laughs.

He pretended to struggle a little while longer until he finally “collapsed from exhaustion”, burying his face in the pillow.

“You got me.”  He said in a muffled tone.

She threw her arms up in the air as she sat atop him.  “Victory is mine!”

As she celebrated, he opened an eye and looked up at his wife, a sly grin crossing his lips.  Before she knew it, he flipped over onto his back.

“Oh, how the tides have turned.” He said as he grabbed her waist.

She gasped.  “Inconceivable!”

“Oh, you better believe it.. This is your fate now!”

Her surprise slowly melted into a look of adoration.  She balled her hands into fists and gently placed them on his chest, leaning in close and gazing deep into the windows of his soul as a small smile crossed her lips.

“I guess there are worse fates.”

He smiled as she leaned in closer, placing her lips against his.

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