“I’ve done what I can to adjust them for you, without messing up the runes.” Illyana handed over the blades hilt-first. “You’ll want to practice with them–they’ll still be heavier than Rue and Woe were. Ol’ Vee was a beast of a woman compared to you.”

Ambrosine gave the hulking blacksmith a wryly amused look. “Yes, well. Draenei. But thank you for doing what you can.”

“Probably no hope of getting your own back, is there?”

“We have no idea where they are, and bigger problems to worry about. So I’m working on how to replace them–but these will do for now. Thank you, Illy.” Ambrosine hefted the twinblades and winced inwardly. Yes, she’d have to practice, and quite a bit. Still, if she headed out in company to state her immediate hunger, she should be safe enough.  She paused. “Do you remember what their names are? It feels weird to not know.”

Illyana stared up at the ceiling for a moment, trying to recall. “Ah, well. She took a different tone than you did. They’re Redemption and Reparation, I think.”

Ambrosine nodded and departed.

Some time after the door close, Jamethera spoke up. She was in a corner of Illy’s workshop, working on a set of green scale mail. “I’m actually pretty sure Vainglory’s swords were named Fuck This and Fuck You.”

“Yeah, but I noticed you didn’t correct me.”

“Of course not.”

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