((This entry was originally written and posted on the ERN on September 5, 2011. I just felt like posting it again, because it’s one of my favorites.

For context, it takes place just after the Firelands raid became available. Jander had just left the Phantom Legion a few weeks earlier, following the conclusion of the ‘Civil War’ plot. At this point, he wasn’t affiliated with any guild, but formed a friendship with Arialynn that would slowly bring him around to wanting to actually join the Templar ranks.))

Jander tightened his glove as he stepped through the flame gate again. He was late to the party, but he had found a new front more deserving of his time and energy.

With a sharp intake of breath, he gazed around at the hellish environment once again. Memories of his last trip into this elemental plane filled his mind.

“Janderius! Contact Right!” The man brushed some ash off of the shoulderpad of his conjuring robe, and tore his gaze towards the sound of the justicar’s voice. To their right, as she had pointed out, a colossal magma worm emerged from the bubbling lava pool and shrieked as it set its eyes on its two new targets.

It would have been relatively easy for them to run from this foe, providing they avoid its searing spit, but somebody would have to dispose of it sooner or later. Besides, Jander had the Seaforium Charge with him, specifically chosen for handling this very occurrence. Little word was spoken between Arialynn and Janderius as they plunged into action, both deep in concentration and doing their part to take down the formidable target. 

Jander made sure he claimed the beast’s attention first, firing a stream of ice lances towards its jaws as he ran into position in front of it. Out of his peripheral vision he saw Arialynn moving to its flank to begin battering it down with her greathammer. The mage stood his ground at the great worm’s base as it loomed over him, preparing to strike.

Then he smirked, creating three mirror images around him, and fading into invisibility. His attacks ensued from all around the beast, confusing and disorienting it. He pelted it with a stream of frostbolts and ice lances, shouting when he could as his energy flowed seamlessly into his various spells.

The Beast finally focused on one of the images of Jander, convinced it had found the correct one. With a screeching roar, it chomped down on the image, only to dig its jaws into the hard ashen ground. It reeled back in pain, barely noticing the limber paladin who had managed to clamber onto the back of its neck, clinging on with one hand as it drew itself back to full height. Jander’s eyes widened at her bold manoeuvre, and in a moment of confusion he shouted something that sounded more helpful in his head.

“Uhhh… hang on!” He looked around frantically for some way to help the situation, but saw the beast turn at the sound of his voice, focusing its red eyes on him, “Uh oh…” 

In an instant the colossal worms maw came crashing down where he stood, and he gasped as his blink spell had him reappear safely on the far side of the pool.

He saw Arialynn take the chance to get on her feet and raise the hammer above her head. Without hesitation, she smashed it down on the worm’s skull with well executed force. It made a slight cracking sound and the beast slowly drew itself back up to full height again. 

The woman leapt back to the ground, rolling to break her fall and assuming a ready crouch. Furious eyes focused on her before their owner was pelted across the nose with another volley of frostbolts, “Over here big fella!”

The foe turned to see Jander sitting on something, waving with a cheeky grin. The mage smiled at the beast as it quickly struck again, lunging at him with jaws spread wide to try and devour him whole. Once again, the mage managed to blink out of harm’s way, leaving the armed Seaforium bomb he was sitting on behind. He watched with a triumphant grin as it swallowed the device.

“Fire in the hole!” Jander took off running and saw Arialynn start booking it as well. He saw her dive behind a rock and he stopped to Iceblock himself as the explosion ensued. A terrific fiery blast rocked the area and a spray of searing worm goo sprayed out in all directions, Jander let the ice fade to see the wriggling stump of the worm’s headless body crash down into the magma, to lie still.

With a smile he turned back to the rock, seeing the justicar peek out from behind it, “I think we got ‘im.”

He smiled at the memory and sauntered off to the collection of druids, eager to see what new tasks they had for him today. It was nice to have company, even if their collaboration was a result of just bumping into her in the field. Still though, he was confident enough in his abilities to feel secure fighting on his own this time.

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