[Written in a neatish hand that slants from the speed at which it was written, and attached to several packages, addressed to the Lion’s Roar Inn, Elwynn Forest:]

Dear Tyra, George, Landon, Sophie, and Martin:

Hello! It’s me, Chiro! You’ll never guess where I’m writing you from!!


We made it there! And the war is over and Shifu and I are free, can you imagine? Well, mostly over, some people on both sides seem to be less… less than happy. But still!!

I wanted to write in case I didn’t make it to the meeting we planned, though I’m still gonna try.

Currently Shifu and I are at her old Temple, the Temple of Ten Thousand Steps, in the Kun-Lai Mountians. It was a piece of work getting here, and bumpy and awkward, but this place is amazing. I’m growing stronger by leaps and bounds, and Shifu is the happiest I’ve ever seen her, even with the N’zoth stuff in the Vale. We fight that sometimes when it spills over. I’m getting to where I can use my chi, now, a little. I can’t breathe fire or fly when I kick or manifest it as a tiger yet like some of the monks can, but I’m working on a special technique that will augment my strength so I can go toe to toe with even the biggest orcs if I need to. It’s hard, really hard, but slowly I’m getting the hang of it. This Temple is amazing; they study not only the animal styles inspired by the August Celestials, but also an older set of styles pioneered by the very first Pandaren even before Kang to practice the art: a tailor named Fa-Shon who took on the King of the Mogu with only a pair of scissors, and drew blood before he was struck down, this marking the King as mortal and inspiring Kang to make the Art as we know it today. I love it here. It’s everything I ever wanted.

In the mornings, cold and bright and crisp, we run the walls and look out across the thousand foot drops to see waterfalls and trees bent heavy with pink blossoms, and the mists, and mountains capped in gold as snow reflects the sunrise.

I’ve got gifts for all of you!! They’re enclosed!! I really hope you like them!! The book on the history of Pandaren blacksmithing and working ghost iron is for Landon, of course. The cloth is for Sophie, it’s Pandaren weave and resistant to tearing and good for moving in. Martin gets a book about Ga Lin, one of the first chi-mages in Pandaria. George the dagger is yours- you don’t have to fight with it, it’s good for a lot of different things, and holds an edge forever. Tyra, Shifu says to remember to keep your left elbow up more, and she hopes you have been practicing. She missed you when you left (though you know how she is, she didn’t SAY it, but she stayed close to home with me for a few days) and she was very proud of you acing your paladin tests. The book of exercises and the set of weighted balls is for you, to help you keep up your training.

How are all of you? Are you doing ok with the N’zoth stuff? It can be scary sometimes. We lost a few to the madness, and keep careful watch now down there mountain and in the valley and the Vale. Please be careful, and stay safe, and write me back! There’s a noodle vendor who brings supplies up the mountain and he brings us mail as well, so it might be a second but we should get your letters.

I’ve decided to grow a thin little brain down my back like some Pandaren have, and have it and a streak of my hair dyed blue, like Shifu’s. I think it will look cool, and I’ve never messed with my hair much before, so I’m a bit excited for it.

I’ve got class soon, so I will wrap this up. Write back soon!!! I can’t wait to hear from you all!! How is Landon’s blacksmithing going? Did Sophie’s dad enlist after all, is he ok? Is Sophie garbing the nobility yet with her fancy embroidery? How’s Martin doing with mage stuff? (I met two mages recently and they’re VERY powerful, that’s quite a goal!!) Is George still with his family’s company?? Who picked Tyra, where is she now?

I want to hear all about it, and I miss you all. Come see me in Pandaria!!

-Chiro Laoshu
Student of the Art
Temple of the Thousand Steps
Kun Lai, Pandaria

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