Faila pushed the dirt around the flaming seed, feeling the resistance from the soil. It didn�t like her for doing this. Her teacher wouldn�t want her doing it either. Her father stood back wordlessly, not understanding, but still there.

How to keep the plant contained? Fire was fury and violence. It existed to consume even if it did leave renewal in its wake. Her will wasn�t strong enough to contain the flame on its own. But her alchemy was. Faila poured the solution she�d mixed around the outer edge of the plant, giving it a fair amount of space to grow, but not enough to go wild. Hopefully, it would work. The potion was a mixture of frost weed and pure natural energy. If it didn�t work�she could end up burning down her whole farm, parts of Westfall and anger the Circle in the process.

The worgen—right now�human�took a deep breath and stood up, dusting the dirt from her pants. Her druidic armor was in Stormwind being mended and her body was bandaged beneath her clothing. Faila turned to her father and he patted her on the shoulder before walking back into the house. She smiled. He didn�t like what she was, but still loved her.

Faila stepped inside the farmhouse and walked back to the kitchen table where she had left her doodle. Xodius had left a message, a circle of circles. It was for her, she knew it. If he had left it for�then he meant for her to follow.

She tilted her head and blinked. Circle of mushrooms. Tirisfal. Her teacher had already checked there, but if Xodius hadn�t been there to find yet�then not even Auris would have been able to find him. He was going to put the fiery plant in their old garden.

Faila frowned. �But why take it so far away�?� No time to think about that. She grabbed her guild stone and activated it, speaking quickly. �I know where Xodius is and I think he�s in danger.�

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