Faila rested her head against Xodius, being cuddled was the best. Happy cuddles were even better. But, she still couldn�t shake the fact that Xodius hadn�t definitively said �no� about potentially being happier with someone more like him. More strong, more capable. She wanted a quiet, busy farm like she�d grown up with in Gilneas, but her husband was as ferocious as the fire he was bound to. That calm life wasn�t for him, not yet.


Faila�s ears flattened. Again, she felt insignificant in the big, scary world. Not very worthwhile. Fire could be contained, but it preferred to catch and spread until it consumed everything. She thought that was why most druids left it alone. It was too volatile. Volatile, Faila smiled to herself. She knew a big word like that. Now, if only she could spell it�

Val�Valu�Valuhtile. Valuhti�


Faila blinked, shaking the sleepiness away as she stared up at the big, green wavy curtain between her room in this dream and the Dream Monster�s. She didn�t remember falling asleep�but she guessed most people wouldn�t remember becoming unconscious anyway. �I just told some Templars about you today.�

The shapeless silhouette tilted her head in response. �Did you now? And why are you here?�

�I thought you brought me here. Because you�re big and strong.� Faila looked around, it was the same as usual. A small room, lit by soothing green light. She plopped down on the grass.

�Not always. Is something the matter?�

Faila sighed heavily, shoulders sagging. �I think something is always wrong and no one is ever allowed to be happy real long. Everything moves fast and I don�t, I don�t always understand things. I think if I can�t learn to be a good fighter and travel with Xodius, that he won�t want to be married to me anymore.� The little worgen looked up at the Dream Monster, eyes filled with tears.

�That isn�t something I can answer for you. But just as you are more than a worgen, he is also more than the fire, is that what is troubling you?�

�I think so. How do you know this stuff?�

Faila could�ve sworn she saw the image smile. �I cheat. But, the decisions you have to make concerning this, have to be made by you, otherwise they wouldn�t be real. Do you understand?�

�Yes, I think�you mean you aren�t going to help because I can decide what to do on my own.�


�Can I ask you one more thing before I go?�

�Of course.�

�Are you big and green and one day going to tell me that �Only YOU can prevent forest fires?��


Faila woke up to the sunshine coming in through the open inn window. �Hmm�I guess not.� She tilted her head to look at Xodius. She did have one question answered. And she loved him very much. Her decision was made.

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