Faila sat in Westguard Keep with her third�fourth? Steaming cup of Gilnean tea. Before her were maps and papers, many scribbled with horribly misspelled words, but she was sure someone could spell them right for her later. The monk whom had sent her the letter had made a giant kettle of tea and had kept it filled until she had gone to bed for the night. Faila barely even knew the woman. But gnomes were cute. She liked gnomes. Her first friends in Stormwind had been gnomes.

Maybe the Dream Monster could help, but the little worgen didn�t feel like sleeping. Xodius was missing. The Templar�s firecat and her husband. Most importantly. HER husband. He was hers and he was gone. She�d known something was wrong, but hadn�t done anything to help. Faila whimpered. She wasn�t quick enough to figure it out, not smart enough�again.

Now she didn�t even know where to look. Faila looked down at the papers:

Gardin in Tearisfal glayd, fay dragins. Mowntin. Mountin.

Moleten Front.

The fire area seemed the best start. Since the fire let him hear. It was a large part of him. An important one.

Xodius had said he needed someone to ground him. Faila wasn�t entirely sure what that had meant, but she was sure as fel wasn�t letting him out of her sight again. Unless�he hadn�t come home because she wasn�t good enough. She whimpered again and looked at the ring on her left paw/hand.

No. �He loves me.� She looked to her constant companion, Bunny, the rabbit. Bunny twitched her nose at the little wolf. �He does��

Bunny�s nose twitched twice.

�If you�re going to be mean then no carrots before bed.�

Bunny hopped into Faila�s lap and promptly fell asleep.

Faila sighed and went back to writing down things she knew about Xodius that others may not. She knew he was a good cuddler. And that his name was Timothy Redfield and he had been in the Twilight�s Hammer with his old wife and daughter. She knew he needed fire and the voices could get bad sometimes. She scribbled down the details, trying to think of more. It seemed all Faila could think of was how much she missed him and his warm cuddles.

Xodius was the fixer, not her. She was weak, he was strong. He was smart, she was not. How was she supposed to find him?

Faila had decided to become stronger, better. She hadn�t realized how soon she would need to be those things and she wasn�t ready. She gathered a stack of colorful papers and gently shooed Bunny off of her lap. The posters might not help, but she had to try.

The little worgen marched outside and set to work. The posters weren�t going to hang themselves. Maybe a mage could take them to the major cities for her, too. She thought she’d done a good job of depicting her mate. Besides, her art was good. Everyone loved her smiley-face potions. Faila smiled, Xodius would be proud of her for thinking to make posters. She decided to save one for him.

Just outside the door of the inn Faila hung her first poster:

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