Blurred Vision.

Kanta squinted almost, staring at the presence that claimed to be his father.

��_I have watched you over the years, I have watched you grow from a child, lost in the wilds to proving yourself to be a true warrior.��_ The apparition spoke, pacing in front of Kanta now and, glancing back at the sickly kaldorei on occasion.

��_You have such a rage inside of you, a sickness. I have seen it before. Amongst the Satyrs and the Nightmare.��_

Kanta blinked and sneered angrily. ��_You compare me to the beasts that killed you? You were slain! Butchered! The same with mother and your daughter!��_ He exclaimed, forming a fist and digging his nails into the palm of his hand.

The ghostly figure pointed at Kanta.

��_That rage there.��_ It said ��_That rage has infected you since that day. You have an illness inside of you that has dwelled, built and spread for so many years. One that is akin to bloodthirst.��_

Kanta cursed, his vision blurring once again as the apparition seemed to fade from view, and he felt a rush to his head, before blacking out once again.

��_Kanta. Kanta! Wake up.��_ Said a soft, caring and concerned voice that cupped his face as his eyes slowly opened to see the face of his wife before him.

��_Anarial?��_ He said, groggily as he tried to sit up, a simple gesture of a hand pressing on his bare chest pushed him down back to his bed.

��_My love, rest. A priestess is here from Darnassus. She is checking on you. You have some sort of��_ illness in you. Unlike anything she has seen.��_ She said, concerned with furrowed brows. ��_She is doing all she can to aid you.

Kanta blinked, shaking his head a bit. ��_My father said I had an illness, he said it was from the satyrs��_ I need to speak to him again, he was just here.��_

Anarial��_s face seemed a bit shocked, pressing a cool hand against Kanta��_s clammy forehead. ��_You have been asleep for two days, Kanta��_ You��_ve been speaking in your sleep. Something of satyrs and green dragons��_��_ She said, pressing the hand back to his cheek. ��_Please, just sleep. The children are worried. They need you to be better, I need you to be. The priestess will be in in a few moments. She is going to run a few more tests.��_

Kanta nodded slowly, trying to put two and two together of what had been happening��_ Was it real? Or was it a dream. He hadn��_t a clue. The sickness was so sudden, it hadn��_t been until they had visited Val��_sharrah��_

Perhaps there laid the answer.

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