Part 1

Zetera had spent her whole life trying to protect her home and her people. Everything she did was for them, even when they didn’t understand. Despite her imprisonment at the hands of her own people she still would sacrifice everything to save them because it was never about gratitude.

When word reached her that something was amiss in Ashenvale, Zetera left Dalaran as quickly as she could for her home. Her first thought was that some form of Legion remnant had struck from Felwood, but that would seem odd so soon after their crushing defeat at Antorus.

Looking over the situation from above on her hippogryph, she could hardly believe what she saw in the distance. The Horde had mobilized against her people and were marching towards Ashenvale, but why? What provoked such a maneuver by the Horde? None of it made any sense. Only a short time ago she had fought the Legion side by side with Alliance and Horde forces alike.

Zetera swooped down into Astranaar and quickly found someone who could get her up to speed on the situation. She used her sight to find those skulking in the shadows murdering her people and made quick work of them. Any assassin who didn’t flee was cut down without mercy. She then moved to help with the evacuation. The town stood no chance against the advancing Horde forces. It was time to fall back and help gather the defenses.

What insanity was driving this attack?

And then she saw it: the driving hand of this attack. Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen, charging at the front with her soldiers burning the forests of Ashenvale. Zetera gritted her teeth in anger and fell back with the others.

Part 2

The forests of my homeland are burning all around me. It’s like the Third War all over again. Watching it all is like having memories stripped away. Eight thousand years I have called Ashenvale my home. My parents fought and died for this land; my sister died for this land; and I devoted myself to Elune to help this land. I can see parts of my life in the smoke, all of my firsts–the happy and the sad–I see it all just burning away. If I had the time I could spend months reminiscing all of my memories here but now it is all being taken away; and there is no time for anything but death.

Zetera is perched on a branch high up out of sight watching the battles below and waiting for an opportune moment. Anger and sorrow is welling insider her as the Horde advance seems unending. She waits patiently until she spots her target: Horde siege engines. She lets them move forward till they are right below her.

“Now,” she whispers to herself.

Turning into her full demon form she smashes down on to one of the siege weapons with all her fury. Zetera jumps out of the wreckage and begins cutting her way through the Horde soldiers. They were getting cocky and careless–she had caught them off guard. She killed those who fought and destroyed the remaining siege weapons. Some chose to flee. She did not give chase, she had to focus on the battle not revenge.

What is their goal? Why attack my people? I still cannot make any sense of it all. Nevertheless, I will fight them to the bitter end, the Legion did not take my home neither will the Horde.

Zetera continued to fight the Horde forces where she could. Their numbers seemed endless but her people were holding for now. The Horde wasn’t out of tricks just yet and Saurfang had made his way through Felwood striking the Kal’dorei forces from the rear. The Horde had now split an already outnumbered force to two fronts. The mission was no longer to hold out but rather to evacuate and fall back to Teldrassil, it was the only hope left.

We lost. Even Tyrande and Malfurion have retreated. The forests of my childhood burn and the Horde filth washes over them. And still I have no answer as to why. All this death, for what? My duty to my people is not yet over. I have to get them to Darnassus.

Zetera motions to nearby survivors that she had been guiding through the fires. “Quickly onto the hippogryphs. We make for Teldrassil and time is short.” The last survivors she could find mount up and they all fly to what they hope is safety.

The thought of living under Horde occupation makes my blood boil but at least my people will survive. One day we will be able to strike back and reclaim our home but today we must just stay strong and survive.

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