Part 3

The Temple of the Moon: the first place I went to after I had downtime to visit Darnassus. At first my presence seemed to cause unease amongst the priestesses but more than a few recognized me from when I was among their peoples. Overtime I started to feel like I was a priestess again, even if that can’t truly be.

The survivors from Darkshore were gathered in the Temple. For the moment it seemed the people here could catch their breath but no one had yet realized just how far the Banshee Queen had fallen. Multiple impacts shook the tree, they were continuous, followed by smoke and fire, Sylvanas must have ordered the demolishers to fire on the tree. It would seem that Sylvanas had decided against occupation, instead she would choose genocide.

“This is insanity, so many will die. Why would the Horde do this?” One of the priestesses asked in terror. Fear, anger, and sorrow were all around the city. No one understood why this was happening.

Zetera was livid. Her entire being wanting to unleash on the Banshee for this. But her people came first, always. She made for the streets of Darnassus, gathering all the people she could. The smoke was getting thicker and she had but moments left.

“Move! To the the Temple!” she yelled before hacking out a chain of coughs.

Not enough time. I need more time. I can’t fall here. Sylvanas must answer for her crimes, but I have to save more. There must be something I can do.

Bursting into demon form she swoops from a rooftop and grabs as many as she can through the streets. She ran as fast as her legs will allow with the people in her arms. Zetera could feel her strength waning as the smoke filled her lungs. She had reached the Temple but everything was going dark, her body feeling heavy.

“You don’t get to die on me yet. I only just got you back,” a familiar voice said as Zetera was lifted up. The last thing she saw was the face of her niece, Syrthani, and then her eyes closed as she passed out. Syrthani took her through the portal and would help to bring her back to consciousness.

I am going to kill that Banshee bitch, and all of her Forsaken monstrosities. I didn’t survive the Legion for some undead bitch to take my home away. They all burn, like they burned Teldrassil.

Part 4

Today is the day, revenge for Teldrassil. The Banshee took my home, now with the Alliance forces assembled we take hers. I have few words to share with the others. I must remain focused on the task at hand. I will show no mercy for the Horde, they deserve only death.

I see Ana and many other Templars gathered here. Some are as revenge driven as I am. Ana reassures me that she has my back, I never doubted she would. My love for her may be the only thing keeping me sane at this point. But those words don’t come out and I just give a nod. I can tell she sees my pain, the stoic look doesn’t fool her. There is no time to talk it through, the battle is nearly upon us.

When Sylvanas falls then I can relax. That sounds all too familiar, before it was when the Legion falls. Maybe I just don’t get to relax, but I have to worry about that later. Sunrise is upon us and they are calling for the soldiers to form ranks. Soon we march on the city.

I must focus, Sylvanas is likely to fight dirty. If she is willing to burn innocents alive who knows how far she’ll go. I doubt she will accept defeat.

((The battle ensues as the scenario played out. In the end revenge escapes Zetera and the others. The true depths of Sylvanas’s depravity are seen as she wipes out her own soldiers and her city. She would not allow the Alliance a victory.))

Her own soldiers, and her city. Could the Banshee have truly fallen so low? There was no victory today, just more death. Perhaps it is shock but my rage has subsided, or maybe it is because it is clear as her own soldiers died by her hand that even the Horde seems uncertain of its Warchief. If not for Jaina’s arrival things would of been far worse, she sure knows how to make an entrance.

King Anduin is right though, there can be no peace while Sylvanas is the Warchief. Though perhaps through our capture of Saurfang we can find another answer. I have to keep calm and focused, if I let this rage consume me I will only become like the Banshee. This war is far from over and I won’t be the reason people on my side get killed. I won’t sacrifice my own like she did.

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