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Happiness was an emotion that was scarce in the Marksman��_s life.

For thousands of years, Kanta Wildsabre had dealt with the pain of losing his family, his closest companion, friends, allies, loved ones and those he trusted most.

He had watched his mother and father slaughtered before him, his sister slain, his allies, squadmates, fellow Templars and many others fall on the lines of battle, illness or plagued by their own sickness.

Only a few things left in Kanta��_s lifetime preserved his happiness. His children and his lifemate, Anarial.

Before his marriage to Anarial. Before the taking in of Yasu Silvertree, and even before the birth of his twin children, Alecks and Alumni, Kanta had taken the task of becoming a parent to a very young kaldorei.

Hundred years ago, when Kanta was a mere squad captain he undertook a job he never had dreamt of before: becoming a parent. It was something he could only imagine was a tragedy in the making as he remembered the issues of his own childhood. Of the loss and heartbreak that betook him as a young child when he lost his family.

The horrors of that night, and everything that seemed to stress the younger night elf seemed to fade as the child was held in his arms, peering up at him with big doughy, innocent looking eyes.

Kanta just stared back, speechless for the young life that sat in front of him. He was still putting together the responsibility that he took on, of leading the young life to great things.

��_Alright, young lady.��_ Kanta spoke, attempting to sound very authoritative as he spoke. ��_Let��_s get a few things down.��_ He said, watching the young kaldorei child seem to giggle at the way he wiggled his brows and his face contort.

��_Hey, listen up little Hypolyta! We have a lot to go over. Like dating, something you��_re not allowed to do. Ever.��_

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