During a meeting with a few Templars, one of them called Blackwald mentioned that he was in search of a weapon to use against the Legion and more specifically the Dreadlord we are chasing. The weapon was Arakkoan in origin. A people almost forgotten in Outland, they are still very much alive in this new Draenor. Although I have my concerns, anything that might give us an upper hand on the Legion is worth the risk.

                I offered to join Blackwald�s crew to find this weapon. Others from my group came as well: Jenidan, and Tirania. Aunne, the Death Knight who wanted to learn more about us Demon Hunters, also came along. Esreiella, who seems to be close to Blackwald, was also assisting in the retrieval of this weapon. One of the leaders of the Templars also chose to join us; the one they call Koryander. The weapon we searched for were known as the Talons of Anzu. We gathered at Karabor, a strange thing to be near when it is not covered in fel energy, and we discussed the plan to retrieve the Talons.

                The weapon we sought was kept in the Spires of Arak. A place mostly destroyed in Outland, it was much grander than I had ever expected. We tracked the artifact using knowledge from a codex that Blackwald�s group had found previously. Apparently it was not an easy endeavor and very nearly got them all killed.

                The first platform we searched was covered in blood and scratches from what looked to be talons. The strange thing is that there were no bodies to be found. An abnormal form of shadow magic was involved I could sense it. We moved on to the next platform, and we found the cause of all the blood. It was an Arakkoa, infused with fel energy; he had turned the others in to mindless minions. Together we all fought and destroyed these minions, and in the end I struck the killing blow on the Arakkoa. Admittedly my temper got the best of me and my attack was a bit overkill.

                We found the chest that should contain the weapon but it had been destroyed. However, we were able to retrieve an orb from one of the sun focusing towers that might be able to be turned in to a weapon. Then after some discussion the idea came that the talons may still exist in Outland. The Arakkoa of our Draenor have been gone for a long time perhaps they never destroyed the weapon. Blackwald told us he had someone who could assist in finding and digging the talons up. Our next mission was decided and the search moves on.

((The title will seem more fitting when part II is added.))

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