((This is a set of personal journal entries prior to the Broken Isle landings.))

Part 1

The world has changed more than I expected. The Lich King fell; Deathwing shattered the world but was ultimately defeated; the mists pulled back and Pandaria rejoined the world, Titans, Old Gods, Dragons, and the Iron horde. It almost seems as if Azeroth is cursed to have never ending war for all eternity. But through all this strife and conflict, the people of this world persevere. One would think that the peoples of Azeroth were prepared for anything.

                I only wish that I could have been there, fighting for my people and the future of this world. Then I could have at least honored the memory of my fallen sister. I sacrificed everything to become what I am�to have the strength to fight. But to the world, I am a monster. My freedom taken. My purpose ripped away. Azeroth burned and ignorant fools locked me away when I could have been there.

                The people of Azeroth willingly worked with Warlocks for years while I rotted in a prison. I guess they do not fear those who commune with demons but those who take their power and use it against them. It may seem as though I dislike warlocks, however, I have come to know a few warlocks that I consider allies. But why then is one form of fel use better than another? Though it does seem that the world is more accepting of our kind than it was in the past.

                In the end I do not care about what others think of me or whether or not they trust my methods. I do what I do for the memory of my fallen family. Anyone who gets in the way of that will see what I am truly capable of. But those who aid me will see that I will sacrifice my own life to save this world if I have to. I will show them that the Illidari have much to offer this world in the defense against its many foes.


Part 2 

                The more time I spend with these Templars, the more I seem to lose my focus. I take time to sit with friends, and have spent time just relaxing. I am not constantly on the hunt for demons. Part of me feels as if I am losing my edge, the other part feels like I have come back to life. I can�t make any sense of this. When it was just the Illidari and myself, everything seemed so straight forward.

                I often wonder will the other Illidari begin to think I�m weak? Are any of them having these same issues? I know that amongst the Illidari I had always felt weaker or at least not as driven to endless fighting as the others. After recent events, I have even taken up Alchemy in my, dare I say it, free time to gain some method healing back. Perhaps these skills will also prove useful against the Legion; at least then I won�t feel I am wasting time.

                I have never lost sight of our true goal as Illidari. My immediate focus is still to destroy that Dreadlord that made fools of us. Perhaps all of this is just a sign that we Illidari truly can have lives outside of being what we are. I just hope that it won�t cause me to slip when my skills are needed most. I feel I have changed much in a short time but I do not know how long I have before my freedom is gone again. Once this is over, if I even survive to the end, I fear I will just be locked back in that vault till the end of time.

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