((These are several journal entries from Zetera and her travels since being freed))

Entry 1

When the Illidari were freed from their prison it seemed as if the world was already consumed by the Legion. Thrown right back into the fight without a moment to figure out how long it had been since we had been locked away. I never thought I would be free or have a purpose in this world again. It had felt like an eternity passed while we waited for our freedom. But now, I had another chance to make the Legion suffer. I will not squander the opportunity that has been given to me. The Legion will know me and share the pain they have caused.

                After escaping that prison, I set out to rejoin my brothers and sisters. It was time to prepare and plan for the war against the Legion we all knew would come. Invasion had already started across Azeroth, so time was short. A handful of us gathered in a place called Duskwood. It was decided that we�d reach out and find those willing to work with us. One of ours named Ryo had a contact in one of the more accepting organizations. A Night Elf named Zen was the contact within a group known as the Templars of the Rose, at this time I knew little of him but I have come to know that he is almost completely insane. Eventually we would also be in regular contact with a person who would be an ambassador between us and the Templars of the Rose. She was a warlock named Esreiella.

                The two Templars were not who I expected to be meeting. I also was not sure how I felt about warlocks yet, to me it seemed like they were playing with forces beyond them. I have since realized that is the same many others feel about us. In a short time however, we were able to join in a mission to capture a warlock who was helping the legion.


Entry 2

                I gathered with the others in Outland preparing for the mission with the Templars. The plan was to bring this warlock in alive, not entirely sure why but I suppose he may have some useful information. However, something unexpected occurred and a Dreadlord was present. This could not have been an ordinary Dreadlord. He was immensely more powerful than all of us and things got ugly fast, the warlock we came for died and the demon devoured his soul. The Dreadlord grew in strength from this and it only got worse from there.

                The Dreadlord began his mind games and it wasn�t long till chaos ensued. He turned his gaze to one of the Templars, a young wolf named Cael. I knew his intent before he uttered it out loud. I had to stop him. I leapt at him and attempted to draw his attention to me but I failed. He took her mind and made her jump from the cliff, my failure very nearly cost someone their life. I felt so helpless at that moment, my mind jumped back to when I envisioned the death of my sister, yelling out to me while I could do nothing. I tried my best to refocus but the horror wasn�t over yet.

                The Dreadlord needed a new ward and he was not going to leave empty handed. He knocked us all back, unable to move or act. The demon approached the one called Idella and he took her. At this point we had failed entirely and completely. The only saving grace of that day is the young wolf would survive. I suppose one other positive came as well: we were allowed to meet the Leaders of the Templars.

Entry 3

                The Templar leader, Arialynn I believe they called her, met with us as we explained what had happened during the mission and why we were there at their base. She had no prior knowledge that Zen and Esreiella had been in frequent contact with us Illidari. It makes sense in a way that they kept it hidden, often times people turn us away without even thinking about it. This way the two were able to at the very least talk with us.

                The Justicar, as their leader is also known, although weary was still willing to give us a chance and gave us limited access to the place they called Westguard. I have yet to actually face any hostility coming from members of the Templars for what I am. One of them named Aunne, a Death Knight, seems to even enjoy our company. It is odd feeling to not be shunned and hated by those around us. Then again this world has changed much since we were locked away.

                Death Knights are perfect examples of this change. The ones we knew were demons placed in host bodies, nothing more than slaves to the Legion. These new ones are fallen heroes raised by the Lich King, but they have since broken free of control. They too had to work hard for acceptance within their old homes. Perhaps it is this shared struggle that makes them accept us so easily.

Entry 4

                The Dreadlord appeared again. This time he was bold enough to go straight for Westguard on the Templar�s doorstep. What his true purpose there is still unknown to me. He fled the moment I approached him. Normally, I would have given chase to the Dreadlord but one of the Templars, a priest that Zen referred to as Lody, was being consumed by shadows that stemmed from her own power.

                I had never dealt with something like this but it was still magic and I could absorb it. I called for help and another Demon Hunter joined me. Together we managed to pull the shadows back but Lody needed a real healer. Zen who had also arrived, carried her to the keep where we could try and find her some proper healing. He suffered damage to his mechanical arm from the shadow flames surrounding the priest.

                Zen initially tried throwing water on the shadow flames, however this backfired and the water began to freeze on the women�s body.  Thankfully, shortly after a real healer arrived named Jenn I believe. The Paladin stabilized her, but in the end it was holy magic that we needed to rescind the shadows. This had brought me back to before I joined the Illidari. I once had the ability to heal others, but I have since lost those abilities. Perhaps had I been still a healer I would have been here fixing this from the start.

                I am glad I was able to help prevent the Dreadlord from claiming any more lives. The question still remains however what did the demon want? What was his goal? Perhaps he is just toying with us. No matter the reason, the Dreadlord must fall before he can do more damage.

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