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“I Am _________”

  • Quest Type: Writing Prompt
  • Location: N/A


Our adventurers begin their hero’s journeys in Eorzea. To begin, let’s start with a writing prompt.


Writing Prompt Template

Character Name(s)/Server:

Preferred Job/Class or Role:

In-character Information: If you could, please write a blurb/paragraph/WHOLE story about your character! Up to you!

Some things to think about for direction: What is your characters’ motivations? Why are they an adventurer? What kind of personality do they have? Why would they want to join a free company? What special traits or history do they have? What makes your character… your character?



Objective: Write a Final Fantasy 14 Journal titled, “I Am [Hero’s Name],” with the above template. To see it in the Journals tab of this campaign, use this tag verbatim: the founding

Seeking Security

  • Quest Type: Event (Date/Time TBA)
  • Location: In-Game, New Gridania


Your adventurer hears of a freelance order seeking adventurers for quick jobs ranging from low-level messengers and trained help-for-hire. The pay is surprisingly good and this upcoming job seems simple enough:

A local bi-weekly crafter’s faire has been having trouble with safety and security as of late. Some of its usually friendly patrons have become rowdy, going as far as to disrupt business and even bodily threaten long-time artisan crafters who are major attractions to the faire from around the region. After enduring two faires of escalating patron behavior, artisans have threatened local officials with quitting.

Afraid to take the hit to the local economy, local officials have contracted freelancers to secure the faire and hope that this time, peace is kept and all remains well…


Objective: Attend the in-game “Seeking Security” event.

(If you can’t make this scheduled in-game event, a companion Discord chat event will be run asynchronously. Please RSVP accordingly for DM preparation.)

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Coming Soon

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