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I don’t know whether it is fortuitous that we happened upon these allies, or if it is perhaps my assistance to these new allies that brought the Master’s attention to our group as Theo suggested. The last few days have been a mixed bag of events. It is good to once more see my High Fervents. Duurm is as strong and bullheaded as ever. Nemalu has picked up many tricks, and I see the tending of souls have softened his once hard edges. Eos, I wonder about them. They fly with the Kyrian now, and I know they will not be among our ranks for many years more. It almost hurts to think they will forget everything, us included. Speaking with her, it seems she has already started to give up some memories. I should count it as a boon that she is still with us and leading our brothers and sisters in Bastion for now.

I would not have been able to save those here in Revendreth without them. The Censors and the Penitent were wrested away by the Master’s loyalists. In all of my years and through all of my trials I have never felt in such a way as this; a feeling I wonder if our once-brethren felt as they ran from home, from Argus, Kil’Jaeden, from us. It is obvious seeing draenei once more has brought my thoughts around to my past, especially to be questioned by them and their comrades.

My High Fervents answered my call and were able to make their way to meet me by the Fearstalker’s Grove of Terror. It seems the Templars with which we have allied were correct. The gates of Oribos have opened and travel is at least possible, if not costly. Destroying only the Stonemaster’s soulstalkers and knocking out many fellow venthyr, we were able to spare the lives of the Master’s mislead servants. I regret only marginally that we had to kill one of Fear’s Hopebreakers, but asking my Fervents to endanger themselves, even more, would have been disrespectful.

I still maintain that it is not without them that we have made it this far, kept our members from being wrongfully punished, and arrived at this new camp. Clearly it is time that The Repentant take a stand against a master who no longer holds the duty to his home and his people in his highest regards.

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