Amazing day today! Was with Eos and Ametos, walking along road to patrol for dangers, and found Mortals! Was scared at first, didn’t know what they were, or why they were in Bastion. Eos was so brave, so was Ametos. They approached the newcomers without fear, asked why they had no guide or Ascended to show them the Path. 

Mortals were confused. We were confused. Everyone was confused. Some of the mortals were polite, nice. Others were rough, scary. Hid behind Eos a few times. Eos and Ametos weren’t scared, thank goodness. Talked with the mortals for a long while, and tried to figure out how they came to Bastion. Haven’t seen any new souls in a long time, so why mortals all of a sudden? Things more broken than we thought, really. 

Got to a safe place where the Forsworn wouldn’t be, and served refreshments. Love to serve, makes people happy! Glad to help! Even shared a Purian fruit with really big dog-shaped person. Think its name was Cale? Will check notes later. Seemed to enjoy! Then Eos asked to inform the Archon. 

Long way to run, but had to let Archon know! Didn’t think the Archon would believe, it sounded crazy! But when the message was delivered, high ranking Ascended looked worried and said should speak with the Archon right away. Then Archon said she had heard of similar mortals elsewhere in Bastion! Strange days! Thank goodness the Archon knew about other mortals, don’t think she would have believed otherwise. 

Ran back to Ametos and Eos to deliver Archon’s instructions. Mortals seemed upset, which is sad. Hope they find their friends. Watched them go through gate to Oribos to speak with Keepers and waved goodbye. Hope they have a safe journey there and hope they find their friends. 

Also hope they come back some time and say hello. Nice to see new faces in Bastion again! 

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