The trees were a blur as Sielic ran past. He put everything into running. His surroundings were bizarre, he had never seen woods like this. An eerie red pervaded everything around him as he sprinted through. He looked for someplace dark and secluded, somewhere he could conceal and hide himself.

The terrain sloped down into a valley. He could see strange architecture looming on the cliff’s edge, and a line where the red terrain broke. Blues, purples, like the land and air itself were bruised. He listened for a horn, or whistle, or some sound to signal a hunt. The creature they surprised was sure to give chase, given that murderous, cruel gleam in its eyes. Sielic began to search the land for ways to elude pursuit, he had some experience in being the pursuer but less in being the one fleeing.

Alliances dogs pulled at their leashes and harnesses, baying into the woods ahead. The river was some distance away still, and the fugitive could not have fled too deep into the trees while chained and on foot. A gryphon flew ahead to scout for any clearings and eventually monitor the river for a crossing. Sielic had an Alliance tabard on, and his face was still full of youth, if darkened by his chosen profession. Several lightly equipped soldiers gathered at the edge of the woods with him. “Alive or dead, the target is a mage of the Forsaken. Be alert.”

Strange creatures and beasts began to slowly come into view as Sielic descended into the mire at the bottom of the valley. He moved carefully, he watched as they moved in almost set patterns. He circled around and found a small crevice in the rocky cliff face that bordered the mire. He took position and waited. Sielic watched as strange stone dogs and the people controlling them approached. A familiar sight, from an unfamiliar perspective. As the hunting party neared, the mire rose against them.

Wild beasts of the mire swarmed the hunting party. The stone dogs fared well, and the people held their ground. They slowly retreated however. 

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    Put those rogue skills to work, boy.

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