Elli looked into the swirling white tornado in the center of that strange … waystation?  Was that the proper word for the place?  She shook her head.  Whatever Oribos was didn’t really matter.  What mattered was finding the taken souls of her friends, tracking down that fool of a dead worgen Glacierfur … and finding Aunne.  Damn that woman for not telling her where she was going.  It was just like the Draenei to put her own … existence at risk without any thought.

Of course what she planned on doing wasn’t any smarter she supposed. “Souls that are sent into the Maw don’t return.” “Only those with no hope of redemption are sent into the Maw.” “The Maw is reserved for the worst of the souls from all worlds.” The words from the … persons in Oribos brought a shiver, causing her fur to ripple in unison with it. In all of the missions she’d undertaken in her long life (now that she remembered them all), the possibility of death had always been there. Before her children were born, it was something she waved away. Even after her children were born, she knew there were times she had to risk it to save her people. But this?

Another shudder rippled through her skin and fur. Risking death was one thing. She’d always had some instinctive knowledge that death wasn’t the end but rather a new beginning. But this? This mission could very well mean she would *never* return to her friends. Her family. Never see any of them again in life *or* death. Trapped in eternal torment and damnation.

She shook her head. “Enough of those thoughts,” she snapped at herself. It was bad enough she had the Justicar not happy with her. The worgen flinched momentarily at the memory of the LOOK the Justicar had given her along with the interrogation. She shook herself again. Damn paladins. Worse even than the warrior-priestesses of Elune when it came to those LOOKS they could give people. How a *human* paladin could make her, an ancient Kaldorei, feel apprehensive still both surprised and amazed her. It must be a gift some of them received when they became paladins because the Justicar and the Grand Marshal could make her feel apprehensive, but other paladins didn’t. She supposed it was a good thing Ace wasn’t here yet so she didn’t have to deal with his disapproval as well before she left.

Her hand reached up to touch the vine necklace her children made for her that she wore under her armor. Be safe, little ones. Turning, she strode purposefully forward and leapt in the white, whirling mists.

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