Although he had been away for awhile, the garrison that was established in New Draenor back when the Iron Horde was a threat remained unchanged. Inside the garrison dining room there was a large wooden table where Matthyas carefully laid out the meal prepared by his garrison, which included thick rib-eye steaks, crispy brown rolls, mashed potatoes, fried crescent fish, green peas, a large pot of spicy chili, and a small tub of thick brown gravy. This upcoming event was incredibly important to him. He only wished he could have done it sooner, but with the war ratcheting up against the Legion, it was hard to have time to pursue leisurely efforts, at least it was for him.

After placing the last plate he heard muffled footsteps which sounded like the feet of a hairy creature, which he assumed was his guest. When he turned around all he saw was a quick blur of blue and black before he was tackled with a large “KAPOOOOWWW” and he fell on the floor and a large wet tongue was licking and slobbering on him.

“Back! Happy!” The creature spoke with a familiar voice.

The Paladin tried his best to cover his face with only some luck as drool and slobber began to cover his face. He finally managed to utter, “Whoa Roshan, easy! I’m happy you’re back! Is Shernis ok?”

Roshan projected several images of them running together, fighting against some legion felguards and eredar and being victorious. He also projected emotions which Matthyas understood as Roshan wishing he had been able to come back sooner. It had been days since Roshan, Matthyas, and his hunter friend Shernis joined together with the Templar to find a mysterious ally that was helping him from the shadows. The three had to split up shortly thereafter because Shernis was urgently needed back to defend an outpost of her peers that was under siege by the Legion. Matthyas entrusted Roshan to see to her safety as he continued his pursuit of this Specter of Argus. While the Legion almost won with a devious trap that paralyzed everyone, the Specter once again appeared to save the group, killing the commander and revealing that he was Tervan, Matthyas’s long lost son. Tervan who was now a worgen death knight joined the ranks of the Templar and reunited the Lionheart family coordinated their efforts to bring down the Legion and Sargaras, to ensure a safe future for their family. A few days had passed and Matthyas sent a courier to deliver a message, asking his son to join them for their first family dinner in a week with directions to the garrison.

Roshan purred and backed off, allowing the ambushed Paladin time to recover. He hugged his giant comrade and then proceeded to a small closet where he retrieved a towel. He cleaned himself up and told Roshan, “It’s good to see you too Roshan. I’m proud of you and relieved you are safe. Your timing was fortuitous as I have a special guest arriving. Shortly after you left you see…”

Matthyas was interrupted by a loud clang and new footsteps approached that sounded louder and slower than Roshan’s hasty tackle. The room was noticeably colder by a few degrees as the new figure approached the garrison, opened the doors, and entered. Tervan approached the two, breathing through his dark iron mask. He carried a large red cleaver that was stained with blood. His dark red and black plate armor had also shown signs of battle. A subtle smell filled the air that resembled the stench of death and decay.

A dark voice emanated from the mask, “Who is this?” Tervan pointed to the furry creature.

Roshan’s fur stood on edge and he assumed a defensive posture and started to make a low growl.

Matthyas interjected “Easy you two. Tervan, this is Roshan, a friend of mine who I rescued from the Legion. Roshan…this is who I met after you left, my son Tervan.”

Roshan sniffed the air and cautiously approached the Death Knight. He continuously sniffed the air as Tervan kept a solid grasp of his weapon.

“Please Tervan, place your weapon aside, You can trust Roshan.”

Tervan relented and placed the large cleaver behind him leaning it against the wall. Roshan started to ease up and moved closer to the Death Knight. His eyes grew with a bright light with that light reflecting in Tervan’s cold eyes. A minute passed and Roshan’s eyes grew dimmer until they were back to their normal yellow.

Roshan spoke, “Son, yes, agree. Tortured like me. Happy for Matthyas family.”

The creature finally started to relax and turned his back on Tervan. He saw a fireplace crackling nearby with a thick comfortable rug. He circled around the rug a few times, scratched at it a couple of times with his thick paws, and began to rest. The last thing the creature of light said was, “Roshan sleepy,” And he began to rest.

Tervan lifted up his mask and revealed his worgen features, sharp elongated fangs, teeth, and dark black fur for a face. His eyes were cold and blurry as he looked at his father, “An interesting creature. It felt like he was gazing upon my soul.”

Matthyas nodded. “Yeah, Roshan is empathetic and telepathic. He must have read you to make sure you were who I said you were. Please Tervan, have a seat. Please help yourself to anything you like I have a large assortment of dishes prepared. I must admit though I wasn’t sure what you would like.”

The two sat down together and Tervan sniffed the air. The food looked delicious and Matthyas’s hunger began to get the best of him and he started to serve himself. Tervan did the same but focused more on the meat, fish, and chili. Matthyas was gratified that Tervan enjoyed the meat dishes and the spicy chili. Soon most of the meal had disappeared with only a few pieces of meat and rolls remaining. Matthyas made a dish for Roshan and left it by the now sleeping beast.

Matthyas returned to the table, “To be honest, I wasn’t sure if you could eat, being a Death Knight.”

Tervan answered, “Some of us are better off than others, but Death Knights are given life again. We do breath, eat, and drink like the rest of you. Thankfully I have some taste buds, but with my worgen nature I definitely prefer meat more than anything. Although I could taste how spicy that chili was.”

Matthyas chuckled, “I’m glad you noticed it. It was a recipe from my father… your grandfather and he claimed it had been passed down to him from our family before him.”

Tervan replied, “You have my thanks.”

A minute had passed as the two looked at each other, “It’s good to see you again my son, is that ok to call you that?”

Tervan replied, “Yes. I meant what I said the last time about it being a slow process but we can call each other that. We after all are a family. I have witnessed your deeds and I am impressed by what you are, doing good wherever you can, helping those in need, and being fiercely loyal to your friends and the Templar. I also think I am proud enough to want be a part of the family again. I had called myself Tervan Jones, but I think I can now be, with your permission, Tervan Lionheart. I think it would be more fitting.

Matthyas extended his hand and placed it on Tervan’s shoulder. “Thank you. I am proud that you want to do all of this with me. There are still some questions I have for you if you are up to them.”

Tervan nodded, “I had a feeling you wanted to know more about me and what had happened.”

Matthyas nodded in turn, “Yes absolutely. I suppose I’ll start with a question that has plagued me since you told me, why did you wait so long to meet with me?”

“I told you before; I didn’t think you could possibly believe me. I’m a worgen now, and a Death Knight. I don’t even recognize myself.” He snapped back.

Undeterred Matthyas pushed, “Yes my son, that is understandable, but I don’t think that’s the whole story. If you’ve been watching over me for a year now, you’ve seen the kind of person that I am. You could have approached me sooner. I’m guessing there was more going on then you wanted me to know.”

Tervan lowered his head and looked at the floor. “I shouldn’t be surprised that you would ask. You are observant. Yes, there is more. Remember how I told you about the Lich King abducting me?”


“Well after I, and the rest of the death knights broke free from his will, I returned to Gilneas first to see if there was anyone left alive of my foster family. All I found was death and the Gilneas kingdom collapsing. I also found the forsaken besieging what remained of my home and they unfortunately found me. I put up a fight but they overwhelmed me.”

A grim look appeared on Matthyas as it was hard to digest this bit of news, especially after a full meal. “What happened next?” He asked.

“There I was a now caged and curious creature that they wanted to know more of. After all, my powers to control the undead both threatened and intrigued them. There I was tortured and experimented on and they did what they could to learn where I got my powers and how I was somehow ALIVE.”

Matthyas clenched his fist, “Damn the forsaken. I’m sorry my son. If I had any hint they were doing this to you, or that you were even alive, I would have burned the entire Undercity and laid waste to all of them with every resource I had. By the light just when I thought I couldn’t hate the undead more…”

Tervan looked up and Matthyas and interjected, “Keep in mind, father, I am undead. You may hate the undead and I understand that, but there is a difference between me and the forsaken. They are my enemy too.”

Matthyas calmed himself and shook his head, “I’m sorry, you are right. Please continue. How did you escape?”

“There was a forsaken scientist was in charge of “researching” me and my potential. He was an arrogant and cocky wretch who called himself Alacone. He wished to prove himself to the Dark Lady and all of his peers. One night he was in such a rush to report his findings he forgot to lock the door to my cage completely and I was able to break free. I only wish I could have found him to repay him for all of his…research.”

Matthyas solemnly nodded, “Perhaps one day I can help you with that my son. For now, we face something far more threatening, but I promise you one day the forsaken will face a day of reckoning and will pay for what they did to you and if we can we will also evict them so that we can return home.”

Tervan rose up from his seat and let out a dark, piercing roar that startled poor Roshan. “I think this could be a family outing that I will enjoy. For now, I will stand with you against the Legion and when the time is right the Forsaken will pay for their hospitality.”

Matthyas replied, “The Lionheart family will stand together against the Legion, the Forsaken, and anyone else that stands in our way!”

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