(The parchment this comes on is battered and water-stained, and looks like it’s been dragged through the mud at least once.  In fact, the Alliance messenger this was on fell to Vrykul in Stormheim, and his missives were delayed by some time.  This was tucked in among supply reports and overdue intelligence regarding action in the graveyards in the North, beyond the Valerjar proving grounds.)

Caelryn – 

I hope it is you do not mind that i write a little.  It feels good to do this thing, a little because I know your kindness, and a little more because I do not think you will care that I talk a little to you and you maybe won’t try to be forever fixing things, like Victor does.

I like him very much, and he is my third friend, but he can be very … I think the word is pushy, yes?  He is always wanting to make sure he is doing things for me, and I think it is because he worries very much.  I keep telling him he is very silly.  It is funny, but I think he worries for my heart, yes?  It is good – I talk to him sometimes because he does not mind – but sometimes I wonder if it is he thinks I will break somehow.  It is very disconcerting, yes?

I have been following Etsiyona, who is my fourth friend, and I have found part of her trail.  I am not very good at following, but it was very hard to be missing it, as there were many destroyed demons and fel-vrykul, and there was a message in the stone.  It cannot but be anyone else, but I worry for her.  It is easy for me to do what was done at this camp, yes?  But… it should not be easy for her.  I fear that something has changed; yes, we are both monsters, but what passed does not seem to fit her.  It is hard to explain – it is not as though she is kind, when hunting, yes?  But … it was not precise.  I have seen her hunt, and it is glorious and amazing and wonderful and savage.. but it is not cruel.  

Perhaps you will be careful, if you are in Stormheim.  I know it is you are staying at the Worgen camp, and that means it is you may find her by accident.  I am not certain she is safe.  If she is not, then seekers would be in very much danger.    

Now that I have said this, you will worry about me, yes?  But do not.  I am not as fast as she, but I am much … worse.  And I am made to be stopping things like druids and priests and paladins.  I am safer more than most would be.

I have decided to leave the Ebon Blade.  I do not think I will bother doing something silly or angry; there is little point in grand things, and it may be that I will need Acherus for a thing later.  It is better not to destroy when you must not, yes?  But I will no longer serve.  I do not like what they are becoming, and what it is they have made me become.  

If it is we were given the great gift of our own future, why is it that so many seem so content to follow blindly down a path that seems to be a road to what we were?  I do not understand.  I cannot serve the Lich King even if he is not -hi<scratched out>  Arthas.  I cannot trust.  It is one thing to raise heroes long gone, but … Tirion was all that was good, and that we came for /him/… 

And now the Morgraine was remade.  How can I trust him now?  I cannot even be certain he is free.  Or that I am.  -His- voice is not there.. but if I stay, I will always wonder if my will is mine.

You do not trust me – I am hopeful you will not, yes?  I must ask a thing of you that is not easy, but I cannot trust anyone else.  I need you to tell me if it is I am being -wrong-, yes?  If I do a thing that does not seem to be a thing I would do.  I fear very much that the Blade is falling, and I wish to be certain I am not.  

It is funny, but I am afraid – I do not fear ending, but… going on as I once was?  I would prefer to end first.  

And that is all very serious.  Perhaps you will smile when I say that I am going to the Exodar soon, to sing for Seela.  I have… decided to find out who I was, and to see if any of it is still there.  

Maybe there is a little Light still in me, yes?  But I will not know if I continue to fear it.  So I will go to its heart, and I will see if I can endure, and I will learn who Seela was.  

But.  After it is I find Etsiyona.  

I know I have been very quiet on the Guildstone, but I think it is still not safe, yes?  And… I do not wish to worry about the Paladins right now, as I cannot be ended before Etsyona is safe.  You should still be careful – but I am thinking I am learning how it is the Nathrezem that is haunting the Templars can be brought low.  

Demons -do- fear.  And it is something I wish very much to teach him.

I have sent you a small thing with this bit of writing, yes?  A goblin said it was a thing called a “luckstone”, which you rub to end your worries.  

You friend, 


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