Dearest Uncle – 

I know, I know, it’s been too long.  I keep getting distracted and forgetting to write.  That’s not an excuse – just a statement of fact, so, you can still be mad.  That’s okay.

Cael and I have traveled farther than I expected; I think I’m losing weight.  I know, I know, it’s not healthy, but you have no idea.  I feel like I could walk forever and I still can’t keep up with her, most of the time.  I’ll catch up on meals when we get back.  As it is?  I don’t think I’ve ever been in shape like this.  I bet I could even outrun Master Cho!  

We left Stormwind a month ago and went south, going through this place called Red.. something.  Redridge?  I think it was Redridge, and meeting some amazing people who were trying to deal with gnolls, which are these neat dog people.  We went on until we found our way to Ironforge, which is the great city of the dwarves.

Oh, Uncle – you wouldn’t believe how -big- it is.  Stormwind is big, but there are trees everywhere, and even though it can take you all day to get from one end to the other, it never feels huge in the way Ironforge does.  It’s inside a mountain, with statues fifty feet tall guarding the entrance.  Everyone lives on top of each other in these houses carved out of the mountain itself, and the great forge in the center of the city is never silent.  I tossed in some drawings just for you to see what it looked like.  I didn’t sleep much here- but that’s okay.  The dwarves make great ale and great food, and they laugh as much as they work.  I liked them a lot.

We left there and went south, going through the old dwarven tunnel through the mountains in a place called Loch Modan, which is this huge lake.  We saw a couple of human villages, and then where the water came in and broke a village called Menethil Harbor.  The boats still come there, but the humans are struggling to rebuild simply because they’re so far away from everything else.  IT was a little sad, and a little scary – there are pirates there, and great lizard beasts called crocolisks that have no trouble eating people if you get caught out near where they nest.

We took a boat from there to a place called Ratchet, on another continent called Kalimdor.  Cael said the Horde was strong here, but that the Night ELves have their city to the north, with their great world tree.  We decided to go west and south – there are these massive titan ruins that I want to see, and this goblin village called Gadgetzan in a great desert that sounds amazing.   I’d heard about a couple of other places there too.

So from Ratchet, we crossed a place called the Barrens, where the Tauren and Orcs are; we decided south was safer – north of us was Orgrimmar, and Cael said they weren’t friendly at all to people who weren’t Horde, and I think that’s sad, but the world is that way sometimes.  Anyway, we’re on our way south and have stopped in a great inland lake called the Thousand Needles, where great pillars of stone come out of deep water, and there are some gnomes and goblins with a big ship called the Speedbarge, where they race boats around the pillars.  It’s loud here too, but so much fun – nobody seems to care too much about war, really; yeah, the goblins and gnomes argue a lot, but it’s really about making things faster and crazier and they all have ideas they swear will work.  

It’s really neat.  I’m trying to see if they’ll let us go on one of the boats soon.

Cael has been amazing.  She’s just so… patient and kind.  She keeps worrying about being human, and I keep telling her that it doesn’t matter to me.  Honestly?  I mean- she’s cute either way, but there’s something to be said to a huge, cute, fanged, furry thing you can curl up with when it’s cold.  Either way, I’m just glad she’s here – I”m learning a lot from her.  And yes, she’s practicing, every day.  She says to tell you that she’ll be back for more lessons soon – but I think we both needed time away.  Too much fighting isn’t good for anybody, and I really think she’s maybe fought a little too much.  Maybe seeing just… what fun is will be good for her.

I hope.  Kun’s a lot better at fun than I am.

Speaking of such things, you’d be so proud of her – she’s actually really buckling down and learning what it means to be who she is now, and she’s … well.  Still Kun.  But she’s got a lot of friends who aren’t whisking her off to make money or steal things or whatever.  They’re really good people, I think, mostly, who are showing her something really amazing that she’s fighting a lot, but growing into anyway.

I’m so proud of her I might explode.  Seriously, Uncle – I always knew she was amazing, but she’s turning into everything the legends said she would.  I’ll bring her home soon just so you can tell her that.

On my end – well.  I don’t know.  Kun says not to worry, and I know I”m young, but I tried again to get an apprenticeship with the Kirin Tor, and it didn’t go well.  Even with everything I learned, I just can’t seem to do what they can – I’m so useless with frost, and the big ritual stuff is hard.  They said to try again in a year or two, after I’ve practiced more.  And they’re right.  I’m just not in the same league in a lot of ways as the other people who were in the trials.  

I’m good at some stuff they can’t do – but that’s not what the Kirin Tor wants in an apprentice, I think.  I’m not sure what to do next.  The Tirisgarde was really good for me, but now that they’re winding down, my skills aren’t really all that necessary.   At least I still have library priviliges – I’ve learned a lot there.

 I guess I’m a little jealous of Kun.  She’s just… good at everything, and I’m not good enough at the one thing I’m good at.  It’s just so easy for her, you know?

But that’s okay.  I may have a job with the Templars soon, and if that doesn’t work out, there’s always room for someone with magic on the great ships or maybe even in the Alliance military.  

I’ll come home for a visit soon.  I miss everyone.  Give my love to the Masters and tell Skysong I’ll be home next season to draw her and the little one?  I can’t wait to see him.  Or her!  Which is it? 

With love – 
Your Night Flower.

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  • cael
    May 29, 2018 at 10:40 pm
    COME JOIN THE TEMPLARS. YOU AND CAEL CAN BE BATTLE WIVES FOREVER. Also this pulls at my heartstrings, wow. Kinda wanna kick the Kirin Tor in the butt.

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