A package is delivered to the keep addressed to Grand Marshal Acele Walkinson.  Inside the package is a letter, a plain gold wedding band, a large gold ring with ancient Draenic runes, and 8 small gold rings, also with Draenic runes.

Grand Marshal,

I regret that I could not come to you in person to deliver this.  Your wife, Seella, has gone to find her place in the Light.  As a military commander, you will be proud to know that she gave her life to protect the greatest treasure any people can have � our children.  When the demons came, she had no thought but to gather and protect the little ones.  She shielded and kept them safe, losing her life in the process.  The Light burned brightly within her, illuminating all that she touched with its compassion.

We will keep her here in one of our cryo-tubes as I do not know if you wish to perform a human ceremony in keeping with the life she made with you.  If not, she will be given the fullest honors we can bestow among our people.

As the Exodar is no longer safe, I have sent your children with their nanny to her home in Pandaria to insure their well-being.

My deepest sympathies for your loss.  May your path always tread in the Light.

Soulpriestess Ereal

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