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The cool night shines brightly on the stalwart paladin as they walk through the familiar stone opening. The silver part of his armor catches the bright light of the moon causing it to shine brilliantly and accent the gold and blue. The atmosphere and buildings are all too familiar to Matthyas as he goes through the opening toward the garrison in Shadowmoon Valley. A night elf guard clad in plate armor and armed with a vicious looking war glaive promptly salutes him and he nods backs. Dwarves, humans, night elves, an occasional pandarian, and even a gnome can be seen as Matthyas makes his way up the grey steps toward the garrison. Harrison Jones, the renowned explorer, waves at the Paladin and he nods back in reply. He walks through an opening behind a wall and sees several artifacts lining the walls. He looks to his left and sees a large ring labeled Sorcerer-King Toe ring, with a plaque explaining how it came from an ogre sorcerer. The walls and tables are lined with other artifacts such as a large mace labeled: Beakbreaker of the Terokk, an ancient frostwolf fang, and trinkets he couldn’t possibly identify save for their placards.

Matthyas stops looking at the artifacts and turns around to see a burly dwarf sitting by a table with some meat and a mug of ale. “Impressive collection eh?” He says in a deep voice.

The Paladin smiles at the familiar dwarf, “An impressive collection for Master Gorramn, archeologist, black belt master, and drunken master of the imbibing!” He says with a polite but sarcastic tone. The Paladin removes his helmet and takes a seat in the empty chair across from the dwarf. He grabs one of his hexweave bags and opens it, placing a few plastic containers among his table setting. He opens all of the containers and mixes them into the bowl, revealing a tasty looking meat dish known as a nightborne delicacy platter.

The dwarf takes a moment to think about the comment and replies “Master of Imbibing, I like that! I’ll drink to that!” He raises his mug toward the human and takes a large gulp of ale “How have you been Matty?”

Matthyas chuckles in turn and replies, “Well enough. The legion continues to push and attack relentlessly, but I think we’re more stubborn then they are.”

The dwarf casually pulls up another large keg of ale. With a flash of speed, he uncorks the container, fills a second mug , and passes it to Matthyas in the span of less than two seconds. While he’s seen Gorramn’s moves before, his eyes grew wider at the end of that display. “I’ll drink to that too! To being more obstinate than the Legion! Cheers!”

The paladin stares off for a few seconds to absorb what happened. “Still as speedy as ever I see, especially when it comes to brews!” He gracefully raises his mug and bumps it to Gorramn’s, then drinks it down. It has a cool, refreshing taste to it and he sighs with satisfaction and begins to relax.

After a few moments of dining, Gorramn inquired, “It’s about that time you do that thing every month isn’t it? Did you visit your best friend Trevor?”

Matthyas takes a longer drink of the ale before replying: “Yeah, Trevor continues to rest in peace. The same goes for my family and friends”

“You still feel responsible I take it, eh? For not being able to protect them all?”

“The idea of anyone that I care about being raised as a thrall of the Forsaken, makes me lose my appetite. Yet, they all deserve to rest where we use to laugh and play and have fun! It may be a ruined wasteland now, but it’ll always be where we were all home.”

The monk sighs reaching across the table and gently placing a hand on Matthyas’s shoulder. “Listen to me laddie, you should respect the dead. They meant alot to you and shaped you into the man that you are, but you got to think about the future. It’s important to remember that you’re defined by the actions you do now, just as it’s important to remember the past and honor the dead. Don’t be stuck in the past, the present and future need you now! The Templar need you more than ever as the Legion continues to push us all hard! Keep it balanced and you’ll be the kind of Paladin that will be remembered through the ages!”

Matthyas nods in reply and spends several long minutes thinking the dwarf’s wisdom over.

Eventually he looks at his friend who messily eats the remaining meat on his dish without a care in the world and asks, “When did you get to be so wise?”

Gorramn smiles, “You should get it by now. I drink things and then I know!”

They both have a good long laugh, although Matthyas suspects there is some hint of truth to that answer. They both focus on their ale and meals, eventually finishing and cleaning up after themselves.

Matthyas clears his throat before speaking again. “I’ve been thinking more about what you’re saying. I know I can be obsessed at times with taking care of them. The Legion took everything from me when they created the Scourge. For awhile these graves and my dilapidated house were all I had left of that life besides my memories. While that is still important to me, I know I have things that are more important to me now in my new home with the Templars of the Rose. I won’t be so distracted with the past that I’ll lose those moments where I can make a difference to the new people that matter to me. The Legion took my home, my family, and friends from me once. I promise you, I won’t let them do it again!”

Gorramn nods, “They’re certainly worth fighting for, just as I know happiness is worth fighting for too!”

“You’re in quite a philosophical mood aren’t you?” The Paladin retorts.

“I’m going to get my wisdom out before I let my punches do some talking with the Legion!”

“And I’ll be sure my fiery sword does my talking when we see them next!”

A leather cladded night elf messenger runs through the door. He catches his breathe for a moment before saying, “Commanders, I deliver this message from Mayla in Highmountain. The Legion is attacking them and they need your help!”

Both the human and the dwarf look at each other, thinking the same thing. Gorramn says, “Mayla again, it seems like she needs help defending her home every time she turns away to make a pit stop”

They both laugh and Matthyas interjects, “You’d think after all the times we’ve defended Highmountain from the Drogbar and the Legion she would learn how to defend it herself. Ah well, let’s show the Legion how good we are…at ‘talking’.”

“Right you are Matty! Let’s go!”

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