Eirnin sits in the hold, resting on the railing overlooking the edge of the city, no one really hung out in the lower loft with the hot-tub being on the balcony, a rare moment of peace on a work wracked in violence and decadence. Eirnin casually sharpens his blade, humming softly as he relaxes, his head turns suddenly turns as he hears the sound of people in the “War room” he sighs deciding to swing around from his seat, figuring someone might freak out if they see him sitting over the drop he was. He makes his way closer, peeking into the room to see the Two young Padawans practicing in their simulator, he chuckles and turns back, from behind him, one of the girls lets out a loud scream as they make a “fatal” mistake in the Sim. He freezes, shaking softly at first before rushing through the door, looking at them with sweat running down his face, he turns away and walks with great purpose out of the room.

He finds himself somewhere on the surface, his vision haze, his hands shaking, finding a dark alley he slumps against the wall, his swords clattering to the ground as he kneels, gripping his head, the pounding is unbearable, all he can hear is screaming, from the two padawans, from the people in the streets in joy or distress, it was so hard to tell. He shakes and shivers, clutching his head until he cant take it any longer, passing out in the alley, drenched in sweat.

His eyes open, the sun has just risen on the planet Alderan, The sith lord rises from his bed to step out from his tent, his long red hair brushed aside in the breeze as his half naked form shimmers in the morning light. From the corner of his eye he can see a group of republic soldiers making their patrols down to a servant settlement, his eyes narrow as he rushes inside his tent, quickly, strapping on his gear and pulling his Lightsabers to his hands before rushing off. He hides along a tree line, over-looking the settlement, his implant zooms in on the soldiers, seeming to be beating the servants around, one of them grabs the Families daughters, groping and slapping them as they attempt to fight back. His eye glows a bright yellow, and he leaps from the trees, his sabers letting out a haunting howl as they ignite! His blades slice through a trooper, the others turn to face him raising their blasters only to be blasted back with a kinetic blast, a few get shots off only to have them deflected back at their heads. Three down and too many left, he dashes forward slicing two in half before bringing his blades up to stab a third, a blade wielder swings around, striking at the sith, a slash across the side comes through before the soldier is run through. With most of the soldiers down, one of the soliders run over to the girls, holding a blaster to her head, The sith turns his burning gaze to the soldier as his hand raises. The solder’s hand locks up unable to pull the trigger, slowly the pistol turns to  is own head, body shaking in fear before the finger curls, the blaster sounding off and the soldier falls, a burning hole through his skull. 

The smoke begins to flow from the bodies, one solder desperately trying to put his friend back together, The sith  approaches slowly blades ignited, a gleeful grin on his face, the soldier flinches, glancing, before grabbing a detonator from his friend’s belt. He clicks the  the grenade, rushing towards the sith, he is run through and sliced in half, before looking into the sith’s eyes, and laughing through his screams, as the grenade explodes! The sith is blasted back against the settlement, making an indentation in the wall, his body smoking from the explosive, knocked unconscious from the blast. Hours pass and the Sith sits up sharply, reaching for his blades which were neatly placed along with his gear, on a dresser not far from him. He looks around, gripping his side , the wound having been treated, but still fairly raw with pain. He suddenly looks up sharply, the girl from the settlement stands at the door a plate of food in her hands, his anger ebs a moment, his breathing slows as he nods to her, looking around as several peices of furniture had started floating, slowly lowering them as his breathing evened out. She looks behind her as if afraid someone will see, setting down the food on the table beside him, a soft smile on her face as he bows her head, serving seemed to be all she knew, he looked on her with pity, not the kind one would expect, a pity of knowing, she may never be anything more. He bows his head in thanks, taking up the food and beginning to eat, she girl smiles brightly and bows once more before leaving, the food was awful, likely most of what they could find turned into a slop to feed their superposed savior, be he had eaten much worse….

As he finished his food, he lifts his head again, catching the sight of a peeking child, couldn’t have been more than five, he smiles softly, a rare thing for him. The bright face of the child smiled from ear to ear, quickly scurrying to the Sith, she tilted her head in curiosity, no hint of fear, or hate. The sith is taken aback, such things were foreign to him, He was so used to hateful stares of the Sith, fearful eyes of the people he killed, did this child even suspect, what kind of monster sat before her, did she even comprehend evil? He had known Evil since he was a toddler, How could this be, a child with no blood on its hands, even his own niece wasn’t free of that. The Father enters and barks to the child, who scurries back to her father, the man looks down a the Sith, looking to his gear and the wounds. “You may leave in the morning, If more soldiers come in the morning, it would be best if they did not find you.” He looks  sad, as if he is reluctant to loose the beast he has fed, worried it will return hungry again. The sith says nothing, but nods his head, laying back down on the bed, looking up at the roof of the home, before closing his eyes. 

Dawn comes, and the Sith begins to suit up, He looks to his sabers, clipping them onto his belt, slightly to the back so as to cover them with is cloak, he always appreciated the appeal of a good surprise attack. He looks down, a small picture is laying beside the bed, poorly drawn and in some kind of crayon, a depiction of the Sith. The drawing makes it seem as if the Sith is a hero, not a monster, the soldiers as even demons, sometimes it would be nice to believe. The sith folds and tucks the drawing into his pocket, chuckling to himself as he moves to exit the house, before he can meet the family, thank them for their help, he stops. The force surrounds him, whispering of danger, he scenes someone outside, he looks around the house, no one. His skin crawls, the pit in his stomach sinks as he moves to the door, Standing in a line is the family, hands over their heads, the child standing forward, clutching her stuffed Waampa. The Sith looks around, a platoon’s worth of soldiers stands with guns trained on them, silent as death as they await orders from a hooded figure, who turns to face the sith. The hooded figure raises his hand, the guns of the soldiers begin to click and whir, the figure looks up at the sith, speaking softly to him. “It is a shame we were too late to save this family, the Empire is ruthless, sending such a skilled sith to dispatch a group of escaped Thuul slaves…” the sith’s eyes grew wide as he charges toward the hooded man, before he could ignite his blade, the figure’s hand closes. All the sith could hear is the screams of the family, as blaster fire floods the small settlement, screams of the girls, the father as they are shot long after death, the mother’s waling as two soldiers stand on-top of her, tearing bits of clothing off, the remaining girl already stripped bare and under three soldiers. The sith stood shocked, as the Hooded figure draws his own blade, it ignites into a bright blue before falling to the side, towards the Wammpa doll, and the one holding it. In that instant, all disappears, the sith lets out a roar that deafens all other sound, and his Blades of Black and red, deliver swift, and merciless judgement. 

All fades to red as Eirnin sits up sharply in the Medbay of the Stronghold, his brother firmly grasping his hand as he shakes and sweats, blood red tears stream down his face, as he breaks down. Xin glances back at the door, those looking in would receive a blood chilling glare as he comforts his brother, holding his head close.

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