Hi Drun! It’s me Emi!

We managed to rescue Coira. I wasn’t sure about going in and rescuing her because she did a bad thing but Sarenrae told me she deserved redemption, so we went in and helped her. We had to kinda sorta go back in time but not really. We ended up fighting the remnants (sorta) of a god that wasn’t very nice and, in the process, we got these really nice swords. I asked everyone if it was okay to send one to you and they said yes. I hope you like it.

Oh, I made this belt for you too. It makes you even stronger (not that you’re not already really really strong) but I thought you might like it so you could use the sword and the mace together. I also made an amulet for Mr. Squiggles that Lini wanted. I think he likes it. He’s a very dapper snake and we all try to keep him looking nice.

They gave me this pretty armor too that makes me fly sometimes! It’s super light and I can wear it under my clothes if I want but it’s so pretty I wear it on the outside.

I have a brand new thing I learned to do! I’ll show you next time we visit the Black Sails harbor. I don’t know when that will be though. Agatha wanted to buy a flying ship. We all pitched in some money so she could get it and be our captain but she says we’re all captains. I don’t know how that works but she knows about sailing so if she says it then I guess it’s true. I’m not sure if I like the idea of flying on a ship but she’s really excited about it. She’s such a nice person I’m willing to ride on it with her.

Agatha wants to go to her home in Andoran and everyone thinks that will be a good idea. I’d like to see her home land but I’m worried about what might happen to me there.

I don’t know if you know what being an oracle is like but every time I go somewhere new, any of the gods or goddesses in that area can jump in my head and speak to me and make me their voice. All of the places we’ve been to so far all of the gods and goddesses have been nice and let me keep my free will (mostly – during my travels a few times they’ve spoken through me and I don’t remember doing anything but people told me afterwards). There have been a few I can hear whispering to me at times, almost like an echo because it’s so faint because the place they’re worshipped is too far away. So far all of the ones that talk to me and use me to be their voice are kind and benevolent but one of the echo-y voices sounds … evil. I was told that in the land next to Andoran (Cheliax) the people there worship demons. That’s what the voice sounds like. He talks about helping me write contracts that would make Abadar proud and about helping me see the natural order of things.

I don’t want to have an evil god talking to me. I’m not strong and brave like you and Agatha and Chiro are and I’m not smart and brave like Melda and Lini are. I don’t want him using me as his voice to hurt people, especially all my friends.

I’m afraid.


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  • vendon
    June 14, 2018 at 9:33 am
    As Emi gets ready to take her leave on a separate journey, a huge hand slams down on her shoulder. When she spins around, Drun hands her his reply with a stern expression. The letter reads: "My friend. Were it not for your bravery, I would have more than likely died in that slavers dungeon. To me, you are great. Not because a god speaks to you, or the magic you wield, but because you were kind when you did not have to be. In truth, I care little for the attentions of gods and demons. In this world, I've seen many things. But what I truly respect is when someone stands up and does whats right with no intentions of being payed. It was not your magic or coin that saved me, it was your actions. So, as I owe you my life, I will try my best to protect yours. The axe you sent me should help immensely." ~Drun, formerly of clan steel-bender

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