Artifact type: Bow

Origin:Draconic (Blue flight)

Magical Attribute: Empowers arrows fired through it.

Primary abilities: Allows one to fire spell arrows, removes the restriction of typing, allowing the wielder to use any selection of runic arrows. Runic arrows are arrows that have had magical circles carved into them, ranging from light, to fire, to explosives, to beautiful displays of flower petals.(great for weddings)

Passive abilities:Causes arrows, charged or not to deal more damage, as each arrow is charged with arcane energy.

Special Technic or spell: Twin serpent dance. focusing a large amount of arcane energy an arrow is infused with the spirit of the dragons within the bow, firing a powerful shot of spiraling magic, depending on the type of arrow being used.

History:In a land now known as Gilneas, the seas rages against the high cliffs of Stormglen, the somewhat primitive humans who lived in the area worshiped their pagan gods for a blessing. One day, a large blue light fell from the sky, landing in the ogre lands. A clan of hunters made the dangerous trek to the landing sight, only to discover a pair of twin blue drakes, being approached by a hungry Ettin! The clan rallied and defended the dragons, their leader, Corvak Duskblade landed the killing bow with his finely made bow. The dragons, not long for this world, bestowed the clan with a magical potency rare in humans of the time. Their souls drift into the leaders bow, transforming it into the powerful weapon the clan named, Havok! Generation after generation the bow past hands from father to son, the first born would wield the bow and bring justice wherever he went. Until one day, upon the day of the 12th generations oldest was to receive the bow’s blessing, he was struck down, by an assassins’ blade. The assassin was none other than his younger brother, who coveted the power of the bow, enraged by the arrogance of the young son, the spirits of the dragons appeared before the clan, stripping them of the magical potency they clung to so dearly. And so the bow was hung upon the wall, an heirloom never to be passed down, without the magic of the dragons the clan turned to less honorable traits. They became one of the most well known assassin clans in all of Gilneas, but they never stopped trying to reclaim their fallen power. For the next four generations the clan experimented with their children, carving runes into their bodies in order to try and control the powerful arcane energy within, only to lose their arms, legs, whatever they placed the runes onto. 

It was not until the last generations leader had a moment of clarity, the clan could no longer use it because they had no more magical potential, no arcane flowed through their veins. So he set out into the city, rumors of a fortune telling whore spread quickly in the underground. It did not take much to convince the former mage of kultiras turned whore to come to the bed of the handsome Lord Arcus Duskblade, and many months later, Corvus Duskblade was born. Upon the boys seventh birthday, his mother feared for him, one night she bravely attempted to run away with him, but you do not run from the house of assassins with their greatest chance for redemption. That night Corvus witnessed his mothers brutal murder, and watched as she was abused and used, before her throat poured forth crimson. His mind broke that night, becoming his fathers loyal dog, and so he was raised into an expert assassin, bred and made only to kill for his clan. Upon the long awaited sacred day, Corvus was given a test, he was brought out an innocent girl, a street-rat with no name, he was order to kill her. The eyes of the dragons lit up for the first time in three hundred years, and Corvus’ mind was flooded once again with his mothers death, the truth of his family shown to him. He refused to attack, turning his blade on his father, he was disarmed and restrained by a pile of his clan mates, dragged off to the dungeons. After several hours of torture the clan decided they had invested too much to let it all go to waste, and so his right arm was carved, several magical circles lined his arm and shoulder, activation runes curled down to his fingers, settling in a spiral around his draw fingers. One final step before he would become their unwitting slave once again, a special draft was made to wipe his memory, but before the potion could complete its effect, the manor was attacked by Rebels! Among the chaos Corvus had managed to escape his bindings, and escape. 

Almost a month after his escape, he awoke surrounded by panted faces and loud strange music, he had somehow found his way to the Darkmoon fare. No name, no money, he was forced to become a performer, under the new name Sebastian Hadgale. Upon that fated day the manor burned, but the bow was no where to be found, to this day its whereabouts are unknown, waiting for its destined wielder, to arrive.

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