Name:(What is the fabled name of your artifact?)

Artifact type:(Weapon, armor, neck-piece armor, ring, ect)

Origin:(Zandalrai, titans, vrykul, orcish ect)

Magical Attribute:(Fire, ice, shadow, light ect)

Primary abilities:( What can it do, cleaves of great fire, control of an element, things like that)

Passive abilities:(Does it make you naturally stronger, faster, does it make you see better?)

Special Technic or spell:(thing of your abilities in game, such as the arms warrior ability to summon large spikes of shadows, likely a one use during rp ability.)

History:(How was it made, who made it, who have wielded it in the past, how did it end up in your characters hands?)

this is free for anyone to use, feel free to add more to it.

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