To: Justicar Arialynn

 From: CMDR Thaddeus Mourne, Quartermaster’s Assistant 


A certain number of odd requests have been tendered to the Quartermaster since the last guild meeting ,and I would very much like to offer a protest. While I am sure the Draenei woman is worthy of respect (And I use the term loosely- both ‘woman’ and ‘respect’) as both a Knight of the Ebon Hold and a member of the Templars of the Rose, I would very much appreciate it if you would let her know that this office is for war material only, not, as apparently one of the gnomes has told her, “to get her things she needs.”

Frankly, It is not in this office’s purview to get “a half dozen mice” and six bushels of “catmint”, especially not for four Saberon cages that we will NOT offload off of the /Iron Star/ without authorization, thank you very much, even if they are ‘very nice to pet’ and ‘not going to explode even a little.’

 Further, we will not be acquiring two tonnes of assorted flowers because “the Justicar’s quarters are very spartan and she likes flowers” – you may thank me with a bonus next week, if you are so inclined. I also take good wine, a port, if you’d prefer.

 I will not, under any circumstances, approve the transportation of “slimefish.” I am not sure what a “slimefish” is, but no one in this garrison is eating one.

 The order for two bags of multicolored feathers, a bottle of glue, and a crate of marbles has been declined, and every attempt at explanation was also declined.

FInally, there is a death knight currently sulking on my dock. NOrmally, I would not care, but she is freezing the area underneath the dock and irritating the fishermen. Can she be told to sulk somewhere else?


Thaddeus Mourne.

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