(The common words are .. well.  Better.  Well formed, but the parchment’s a bit of a mess of ink.  And.. what smells like mageroyal essence?  And what in the world is that stain?  Is that blood?  Surely not.)

Arialynn and Acele – 

Sielic was to being out and about – and looking very well!  But he has to found …..

(the rest is crossed out and a mess, then started over in flowing draenic characters.  Translated, it reads:)

Common is an imperfect and annoying language, and I cannot actually write something important in it without worrying that I will lose its meaning along the way.

Also, who invented the letter ‘s’?  I never know which way it’s written!

Regardless.  Sielic called several templars to an Alliance encampment in the Arathi Highlands, where tabards and cloaks were recovered as a part of the ongoing effort to recover the dead from the area around Taran Mill.  Forsaken forces were present to the west of the camp, but were not threatening it; a group of refugees had found the camp and were hoping for signs of loved ones.

Upon investigation, we learned that the camp had three tabards and a shattered hearthstone; these are in Mosur’s hands, and I think he will keep them safe and protected.  The camp guards were undead – well-crafted, well-built and well-preserved, but old.   The camp clerk was human, however, and living.

The tabards were suspicious – washed and mended – and the feel of death was throughout the camp.

When Zaanthe addressed the Clerk, he grew angry and lashed out.  We protected the families present as they fled, then destroyed the undead and  captured the camp leader, who is with Zaanthe and Mosur now – we may have hit him a little too hard.

Jylie, my former sister of the Ebon Blade, was also present; her combat prowess was as strong as ever, but her comportment after the battle was suspect.  I will speak with her and discuss Templar rules of engagement in more detail.  

Thus far, we have no idea who owned these tabards or their final deportment.  It seems likely that this clerk is a necromancer, likely affiliated with the “Free Scourge” that remain in the Plaguelands or the Scholomance, which rumors insist is still operational.  if this is the case, it seems likely that at least three of our number are missing, and should be presumed turned and, thus, in need of rescue.  

I have heard of no one missing – it is my thought that we can begin investigating those who have not reported in in some time.  This war and its ramifications have scattered the Templars – I have a certain hope that the command staff knows who has fallen silent.  If this list exists, I would ask for a copy to begin checking in; Maisy and I can cover considerable ground in a short time.

My thanks – 

Aunne’keva (scratched through)

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  • Sielic
    October 25, 2019 at 1:15 pm
    It was a pleasure having Aunne around. Good report! Should be fun to keep going on!

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