A letter, sent to Nereia, on a rolled-up bit of parchment stained with something that smells suspiciously like nutmeg and formaldehyde.  The writing is painstakingly done, each letter drawn in charcoal, larger than it needs to be, and as perfectly formed as possible – like a five-year-old attempting their very best handwriting.  

Nereia – 

I am very sorry to disturb you and make you angry but I very much need to talk to you about something and I am not sure how and you will probably not be happy with me but it is important, please?  

Your friend –



Another letter, similarly drafted, appears in the middle of Arialynn’s desk, tied in a red bit of.. burned?  ribbon:

Arialynn –

I think I have done something wrong and need to tell you, yes – but I am not very brave this time.  I need to stay in the keep for longer now though and I do not wish to lie or pretend so you will know.

The bad thing I have done was to fight for a goblin because he was paying, and I am sorry and I will not anymore, but I did not have any coin and the little girl that Zatul helped does not have anyone and I had to be sure she would not sleep in the grass and I hope you are not very, very angry.  I have promised to help her find a house but did not know how much it was – for now, if it is alright, she will have a place in the inn until I can find a place for her and please do not be so angry you are angry with her?

I will take extra turns on the wall for a while until you are not angry and then I will stay there until I can find a place for her and I am very sorry.



And one more, left with the seargeant on 3rd watch:

Grand Marshall Jarrick – 

I am sorry I have not really reported in as I should, but I have tried very hard not to be a bother and perhaps this was not good.  

I will be working with Victor to explore some things when he can go but I am a Templar, and it is important that I be of use and I hope you are not angry.  If you will say when I will meet with you and I will report in and you will have duties for me, yes?  

I have done many things wrong recently – perhaps you will let me start doing right things for a little while.


After the signature, in each of these, is a seal that shows a stylized mageroyal pressed into red wax.:

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