“You are being certain?”  The hollow emptiness of the Draenei’s voice was somehow amplified by the stone of the ancient tomb, the waterlogged elven architecture around her staring down with sightless, broken windows on the field table (made of the remnants of a pair of naga footmen) and the crackling maps unrolled across its uneven and spiky surface.

“Yes.”  The voice was more felt than heard, ghostly lips and phantom voicebox not really solid enough to do more than whisper.  An undead elvish hand clutched an immaterial staff – the ancient dead mage pointed down at the map. “Demonic magic rises – every portal resonates with it.  Something is coming, dead one.  Here.  Here.  We cannot say what it is, only that it is wrong, and growing worse.”

Aunne paced, herons on her armor gleaming, cold eyes on the map.  The gem at her throat flickered.. and she touched it, as if reassuring it, soothing. “Thanks to you, yes?  It is troubling.  But.. not being unexpected.  We have been to saying this for a time – that it is being too easy.”  

The spirit nodded at that, stepping back – “It took the shattering of the world to stop them before, and this feels…  Well.”

“The world was not having us before, yes?  We shall see.  But I will to tell you whatever it is we find, as you have to told me.  Other ears will hear.”

“That is all we ask, dead one.”

Aunne smiled… and made a careful gesture, releasing the spirit, watching it fade, all-but-forgotten. “You will to have your rest, yes?  You have waited too long.”


The missive comes to all of the Unbroken – and a few of the Demon Hunters that Aunne knows well:  Zetera, Jen, Ana, Ryo.  As before, this one is written in Draenic, and translated by another hand into common.  

It arrives in a dozen different ways – a spirit here, a ghoul there – a passing gnome riding a wolf and dressed in SI:7 leathers brings one to another.  In one notable instance, an undead skull drops it in someone’s lap in the middle of the biergarden of Dalaran, looking rather bored with the whole prospect:

My friends – 

There are signs that, despite recent successes in the battle against the Legion, that we have not yet endured the full strength of the Legion.  It is time we came together, time that your promises were kept. 

We shall stage from Greywatch, and the Legion will die in the dark.  They will feel our magic, and they will see Death ride.  Whatever comes, we will blunt the tide, and we will do what must be done to ensure that the attack they plan meets only with failure and pain.

I call on the Unbroken.  Let us teach the Burning Legion to fear.


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