(interestingly, originally written in Draenic, and translated by a trusted member of the GM’s staff.  The original missive’s handwriting is sharp and clear, the runes of that language expertly and precisely penned.)

Grand Marshall – 

I regret to inform you that the first skirmish in which the Unbroken participated was not a resounding success.  However, our primary mission was accomplished, at some cost.

The Lady Warlock did meet with the traitor-mage as described, on the shoulder of the Hand of Gul’Dan in Outland.  The Unbroken joined the fight already in progress, with Esriella neutralized and a suprisingly large body of Illidari present to assist a group of warlocks and mages who represented the Templars in this engagement.  Enemy forces consisted of a Dreadlord of surpising power and capability, as well as the traitor and his own summoned pets.

The Unbroken divided into two groups, engaging with the Illidari against the Dreadlord as well as dropping in behind the traitor-mage.  Within only a few moments, and with the assistance of one of the Illidari, the traitor-mage’s defenses were breached, and he was brought down.  He proved to be less durable than expected and died before he could be captured.  He will be, I am sorry to say, beyond my skill to investigate; the Dreadlord consumed his animus when he fell, and attempts to revive the traitor-mage were unsuccessful.  Similarly, attempts to raise him will not result in a ghast with any will – there is simply nothing left of that which makes him -him-.

Once this threat was neutralized, the team turned to engage the Nazrethem that still continued the fight – only to be effectively neutralized by the entity’s abilities.  Caleryn was hurt badly, as was Esriella, and one of the magi present was taken, a warlock.  

It should be noted that the Illidari fought with remarkable skill and distinction, both defending those who were immobilized or affected by the Nazrethem, as well as inflicting some damage against the Demon.  In no case did they threaten or harm any of the Templars present.

I am sorry, Grand Marshall, that I do not have better news to report.  While our primary mission was accomplished, we were unable to limit the Nazrethem’s assault, and it was able to escape into Shadowmoon Valley.  Scouting missions are planned to attempt to recover the warlock, and we will continue to assist where we can.

Aunne, Knight of the Ebon Blade

Specialist, Templars of the Rose


The death knight frowned as she walked heavily away from the Marshall’s office, hoofsteps louder than usual on the flagstones of the Keep.  

There were more names on her list – and each one needed to be found.  For the first time in ages, she was acutely conscious of the minutes slipping away from her, the slow desperation growing among both the Templars and the forces of Stormwind at each battlefield.

The spy first.  The hunter next.  And there were others that would have to be found.  The Warlock would be saved, and the demon destroyed.  After that?  

Cookies.  She owed cookies – so many cookies.

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