One of the things she knew, far better than most, was that tomorrow was not a certainty.  Which, she also knew, given her potentially largely immortal current state, was likely the oddest thing she was certain of.  It certainly eclipsed the true nature of rabbitkind, so painstakingly learned, and at such great cost.  It was odder than the human obsession with underwear, or even how her Brother Tagirius liked to eat bugs when no one was looking.  It was even stranger than the great dwarf giant the very small dwarf told her about once, and how it slapped Deathwing.

Tomorrow was never guaranteed.  

But there were todays, and a very long progression of todays there were, too.  There were good todays and bad todays, and sometimes even a today so wonderful and unexpected and perfect that she laid on her back on a roof and just watched the stars and revelled in it and sort of hoped that there wouldn’t be tomorrow.  

Today there was a new friend who did not hate her when she told a little tiny bit of her story, who understood what she meant when she said she was a monster, and who helped her and hugged her and gave her a new purpose.  

Today, there was an old friend who turned out to be a new friend in disguise, who told her about how humans talked to pillows and decided to make her armor for no reason except that she was a friend, and who laughed and who wouldn’t let her sit alone and who did not mind when she said things wrong.

Today, there was another person who would likely soon be a friend who had beautiful pets and who knew all about cats and who didn’t laugh at her – not even once.

Today, there was the Arialynn, who talked to her and smiled and wasn’t afraid or worried and was just there,  like she used to be.

Today, there was even a Kanta, who didn’t talk to her, but was still there and not dead and who didn’t shoot her this time.

Today, there was everything, and she belonged, and it was the first time in years, and she didn’t even have to kill anyone and was wearing a dress (yes, it was one that was apparently not pretty anymore, but it was not armor) and she even ate a grape when no one was looking and it even tasted a little sweet like everyone said they were supposed to taste, but she wasn’t sure she didn’t imagine it.

Today was not like any other day that had come before, at least that she could remember.  

For the first time in ages, she felt warm without tea. 

Just a little.  Just for today.

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