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“What was your best, favorite creation?” Saas had asked him. She was speaking of his jewelcrafting.

He didn’t think for long and frowned a little. “My favorite?” His voice was already laced with a tinge of sadness, he could tell at the sudden droop in her face. He cleared his throat and didn’t speak again for a moment. After a long pause he sat up. “This.” He said his left hand took her right and turned it over while his right hand placed a weight in her hand.

Saas looked up at him and closed her hand around what he’d handed her and sat up. She leaned over it her fingers once again feeling the small trinket he handed her. It was a ring, heavily weighted and there were several stones set in it, small ones set in a swirl around the head of the band and a larger set into the band. There was carving along the band and on the inside of the band. Letters, she couldn’t quite make them out.

“It’s a nice ring.” She smiled in his direction. She could tell it was too small for him to wear. “Whose is it?”

He had expected such a question but still found it hard to mention, his center swirled with pain and hurt, it built till he finally spoke. “It was going to be a wedding ring for my fiance.” He started to speak again but stopped remaining silent.

“What was her name?” Saas spoke quietly her grip on the ring becoming lighter, as though she needed to be more respectful of the ring now that she knew what its purpose would have been..

After a long pause he spoke again. “Amia, her name was Amia.” Despite the turmoil that seemed to swirl within him to her sight his words smiled as he spoke her name.

“Wh- do you mind if I ask what happened..?” She could see and had heard the pain, she had at least an idea of where this woman was now.

The shaman pursed his lips a moment and took a deep breath. “We ah, we were both priests at Karabor. For centuries.. until it all came to an end you know.” He was sure she was old enough that she had lived more than a few decades on Draenor despite calling or describing her as a child. “She never made it to Shattrath.” He said clearing his throat.

Mosur was still sitting up, his face had dropped down to stare at his lap so he was surprised when she crawled into his lap. He opened his mouth but wrapped an arm around her as she hugged him about his chest tightly. Her hand pressed the ring back into his palm. Her horn pressed against his collarbone and he turned his head to rest his chin there on the curve of it.

“She was a good girl.” He said unprompted a sad smile creeping across his face. “I miss her a lot.”

Saas nodded her head. She had lost people herself, even after the orcs, more recently, the man she knew as a father. She nodded her head again biting her bottom lip. “You know, you shouldn’t miss her, she’s with the Light now. You should know that as a priest…in the grand Army of the Light…with the Naaru.” She smiled up at him with a crooked grin, a bit of sadness sat in the corner of her eyes. Mosur lifted his thumb to her face to wipe it away.

“Eh, you’re right…you know.” He said exhaling a shaky breath. He gave a long pause. “I’ve never showed that to anyone before…that ring…you’re also the only person who’s ever asked her name.” Then again he didn’t talk about her, or his past often. If anything he tried to hide it. It didn’t affect the now. Or at least he didn’t think it did. He couldn’t often see the hangups that his past caused him, the hesitations he took, the reasons he made decisions.

“I’m glad you showed me, it’s beautiful.” She smiled again and continued to rest against his chest.

He couldn’t help a light laugh at her comment, beautiful…beautiful said the blind girl. The laugh faded into a smile. “Yes, I think between you and my father, no one else has seen it…besides my father…but really, you like it then?”

She nodded her head. “I can feel the work you put into it, you put your heart and soul in it.. I can see how deeply they are affected when you talk about it.” She could see that he had settled down now, there was still a stabbing of pain, but nothing more than what he seemed to carry, like a splinter in his energy.

“Tell me about her.” She dug again.

He tensed just barely and she watched the ripple in his energy through half lidded eyes. She was patient for her age as he took his time.

“She was younger than I,” he started as though he were telling a story then again thats what it would become as he spoke to her, “She had fair skin, tinged a more violet color, dark hair, black as the night…completely opposite mine.”

“You have white hair?” She questioned mid story. He hummed the affirmative and nodded. “Old man.” She said softly with a smile but not loud enough to interrupt the tale as he continued.

“Silver glowing eyes, and a wonderful personality.”

She continued to watch his energy as he spoke, it swirls calm the longer he talked the more comfortable he became it seemed.

“I was a very different man back then, I’ve been called stubborn, I was completely bullheaded…but I was more than confident. I was very full of myself.” He chuckled thinking about it, it seemed like so long ago but it really wasn’t, at least not over the course of their lives. “I think I chased after her trying to get her to say yes for a nearly a hundred years. We were both priests at Karabor all that time, so I found plenty of reasons to run into her, bump into her. Sometimes I surprised her, sometimes I didn’t.”

He continued to talk for a while longer, describing his Amia to her till he noticed her breathing had changed. “Saas?” He paused for a while, there was nothing. He smiled a little and shifted putting her back on her bed roll and covering her up again, making sure she was tucked in. He felt…better. A smile on his face he leaned down and kissed the young one’s forehead. “Eh, good night.” He spoke softly and laid back in his own bedding and pulled the covers up over his shoulders starting to drift off.

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