Etsiyona�s head rested on her front paws as she watched the Grand Marshal sleep, her own sleep not coming to her this evening.  Shaking her head in a vain attempt to clear her thoughts, she rose and padded silently over to the window.  Her clawed hand reached up to rub her muzzle as her eyes wandered over to landscape and her mind continued to replay her reaction to the flame druid, eliciting that strange guilt feeling.  How many others had reacted to him as she did, automatically assuming he was untrustworthy because of his appearance?  She, better than most, knew how much that could cut the soul.  And now he was gone, lost somewhere.  The guilt feeling surfaced again.  Was she at fault?  Did her actions drive him away or make him think she was the monster she�d assumed him to be?

Bloodthirsty savage.  She recoiled involuntarily as the words jumped to the front of her mind, overcoming her rumination.  A quiet whimper escaped her throat, her ears and posture drooping as the voice continued its tirade.

�There�s a reason we locked your kind into the Dream.  Uncontrollable killing machines.  Bloodthirsy savages unable to discern friend from foe.  That�s what you�ll be, just like your mother and all the Kal�dorei before you.  Why the druids seem to think they can do something with you I don�t understand.�  The Sentinel�s eyes glowed fiercely, unhidden disgust reflected in their depths as she looked the child up and down.  �None of you have everbeen able to handle Goldrinn�s gift.�  Long slender fingers traced along the edge of the razor-sharp warglaive.  �That�s why I�m here.  Or didn�t the druids tell you?�  The woman crouched down until her eyes were even with the little girl�s.  �I�m here for when the madness overtakes you.  I�ll be here to put you down like I did the others who refused to abide by Malfurion�s decision and enter the Dream.�  The Kal�dorei�s teeth gleamed in the sunlight.  �I�ll be here waiting for you to begin the transition to the bloodthirty savage I knowyou�ll become.�


The sharp whisper broke through the images.  A light shining in the center of the room drew her attention.

�Elli, what�s out there?�  Ace stood at the ready, sword in hand as he slowly approached the worgen.  He scanned the area, senses alert for the presence of the undead.  Unable to detect any, his guard didn�t lower as he continued to ease towards her; Elli�s fur was bristled while her ears lay flat back against her head.   She stood with an aggressive posture, her lips lifted to expose her glistening fangs in a violent snarl as the room vibrated with restrained violence.  �Elli!�  His voice changed from questioning to commanding as he snapped out her name.

The red haze covering her eyes began to fade as her entire being focused on the Light cautiously approaching her.  Confusion followed, eliciting an agitated rumble from her chest.  The sharpness of the voice speaking to her again broke through the last of the rage, bringing her completely back into focus.  She blinked, then shook her head and body, forcing herself to relax.  A shudder ran along her skin, rearranging her fur back to its normal position.  Her ears lifted and she huffed softly, turning her head to look away from him.  �Nothing.  It�s nothing.  I � thought I saw something but nothing�s there.�

Ace looked at her sternly, lowering his sword from its guard position.  �Wrong answer.�  He waved in her direction.  �You don�t go into attack mode for �nothing.��

Embarrassed, she shuffled her hind paws and glanced at him briefly before returning her attention to the window.  �There�s nothing out there out of the normal.�

�Elli.�  His voice resumed its commanding tone.  Setting his sword back into its place next to his bed, he crossed his arms over his chest and assumed his irritated superior officer stance.

Huffing again, she turned to face him.  �Just … bad memories is all.�

Ace�s demeanor instantly changed, softening considerably as he nodded.  �This place tends to bring those out.  Anything you want to talk about?�

Etsiyona shook her head, wandering over to the fire to lay on a few more logs.  �Maybe later.  You should get back to bed anyway.�  When Ace didn�t move, she shifted to cat form and started body blocking him back towards his bed.

Okay, okay.�  Climbing into bed, he looked down at her.  �You�ll tell me sometime?�  At her nod, he smiled and patted the bed next to him.  �Come on then.  You know how cold it gets here.�

Grunting, she lightly sprang on top of the bed, which still bowed under the heavy weight of her large cat form.  She eased down beside him and sighed, mind once more at ease when his hand unconsciously moved to stroke her mane as he fell back to sleep.  

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