As the sun creeped up over the horizon, the knight continued his writing. The voices were quiet today. The only clear words he could make out were “Mortivox” and “Betrayal”. Shutting the journal, the knight looked out from his makeshift shelter in a cliff side. “The rain stopped too.”

Breaking down camp, he continued to the capital. Considering the condition of Dane, the knight started to feel small concerns pick at his heart. What has happened in my absence? Why had the king not sent aid to Dane? Is Rohan III still alive?

On the final bend, the Nameless Knight finally laid eyes on the capital. While dreary from the rain, the city stood as it was. The high towers of the castle stabbed into the sky, the city walls ran a perfect ring of white stone around the exterior, and the houses of nobles still sat high on the hill, separated from the common folk.

Coming way of a lightly forested road, he approached the city gates, but gave pause. Hanging above the entrance were two banners. A black gauntlet with its fist closed pointed upward to crossed swords on a field of gold, The banner of Aldra. The other was a green dragon flanked by daggers on a field of black. The sudden neigh of horses startled the knight, casing him to reach for his blade. Seeing that it was only a merchant cart, The Nameless Knight slowly stood upright. “Sir, please stand aside! I have much business to attend to!” The cart driver shouted. “Good merchant, please tell me the reason for that banner next to Aldra’s?” The merchant looked confused and flatly stated, “Its because we are allies with the kingdom of Epsol.”

With a hurried pace, the knight made his way to the city gates. Guards flanked both the inside and out. Though they did not ask him to reveal his face, they did request a peace bond on his blade. The knights code demanded that he obey, and he did so with gladness. Looking around, the city was much the same, yet something seemed off. Citizens were bustling about, merchants shouting for every attention possible, and city guard making their rounds. Taking the time to look around, the knight made his way through the commoners side of town. The knight came to a halt when he had seen the small park was no longer in its place. Instead, was an ornate looking building with a high wall. Its architecture was nothing like the surrounding buildings. A steel plate on the wall by its gate said “Embassy.”

Just to the left of the plate was the gate. It was a dark oak with heavy steel rivets. At either side of the gate stood a guard. They wore the tabard of Epsol. Approaching slowly, the knight asked, “Guard, can you tell me when this building was put here?.” “The guard slowly turned his head and replied with a deep and bestial voice, “On your way.”

Uncertainty consumed the Nameless Knight. The only clue the knight had was that Epsol and the knight from the tournament shared the same banner. Perhaps some of the locals would be more helpful than the guard.

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