Heading back to the town square, The Nameless Knight started to grow weary. The fatigue weighed on him heavily today. Taking a rest at the public fountain, he looked around. Still, something seemed off. People were smiling and going about their lives as normal, but something was… missing.

A feint roll of thunder echoed in the distance. The sky was still overcast from the rains yesterday, but it seemed like a second volley was coming. Opening his journal, the knight reviewed his notes on the voices. “Mortivox” and “Betrayal” were the most recent additions, but a few of the previous words stood out. Most among them were “Knowledge”, “Sacrifice”, and “Power.”

As the knight pondered the words, a loud clang of the church bell broke his concentration. Looking around, the towns people had frozen. They looked around with horror on their faces and at the second strike of the bell, fled from the streets in a panic. People shoved into buildings and slammed the doors shut. Others ripped open windows and climbed inside, nearly trampling each other. Any place that could accommodate a person was filled and all of the windows were drawn and the doors barred. A voice called out to the knight from behind. A simple man at the local tavern called out, saying their was still room here.

Taking the chance, the knight ran. When he entered, the man slammed the door shut and barred it twice. As the knight looked around he realized where he was. The oldest bar in all of Aldra, The Merrymaker. With the door barred, the man at the door and a few others went to work drawing and closing all the windows. Not wasting any time, the knight flatly asked, “Citizens, what is happening?” A scrawny man in a brown cloak stepped forward timidly. “The dark brings death sir. When the light fades out, a terrible creature comes from the darkness… It is no animal. It is a killer.” A sudden hush from the crowd caused all to be silent. Looking around the people all dropped to the floor in fear as a heavy object hit the roof. The things weight was felt in every step. Oddly, it sounded as if it had two legs, but on occasion, a third and forth bump would follow. Between steps, a low growl and hiss could barley be heard.

In a hushed voice, the knight called for the man who was at the door. A quick introduction identified the man as Holland, the tavern owner and barkeep. “Tell me, what has been done? Have the guards not tried to slay this creature?” Holland looked down with disappointment. “Aye, but they gave up after it killed eight of them on the first night. And those bastards at the embassy won’t even lift a finger.”

“I must go then.” The Nameless Knight went for the door but Holland grabbed him by the shoulder. “To hell with that! This didn’t start yesterday! I said eight died the FIRST night. That was nearly a year ago. Its picked off nearly every beggar in the city since then. The guards are powerless, and the militia is in tatters! Not even the kings man-at-arms has succeeded! What chance have you?!”

The knight gave pause to Hollands words, but his code remained firm in his mind and soul.

Taking his sword from his belt, the knight ripped the peace bond from it with little effort. “Give me a shield, and I will show you.”

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