The Nameless Knights muttering was cut short. The sound of iron twisting and breaking bone echoed through his ears. After nearly biting his own lip off, the knight dared to open his eyes. The sounds of gurgling and stagger steps caught his attention. The man with the prince staggered with the crossbow bolt in his throat, looking at Rohan IV with fear and shock.

Rohan dropped his crossbow and approached his dying guard. “As I said, good riddance traitor.” The man only made a single groan as he was kicked from the cliffs edge. His form swallowed by the dark pit below. The knight stood in silence, unsure of what just happened. “My prince, I would like an explanation.” Rohan quickly pulled a ring of keys from his pocket, and tossed them to the knight. “I have many reasons. Firstly, he was not my guard. He was in fact a spy placed to keep an eye on me.” The Nameless Knight fumbled and unlocked his bindings as he listened. “Secondly, I am now willing to humor the idea that you in fact are Sir Leon. If you really are the knight of honor, then I ask you as your prince to hear me out.”

When the two returned to the wagon, Prince Rohan pulled away a canvas and revealed a bundle of leather gear and the knights broadsword. “That man on the throne, is not my father. He wears his skin, and speaks his voice, but that… thing is an impostor.” The knight clothed himself and checked his blade. It was the real thing. No man could make a fake in such a short time. “My prince, I have lost my name and title. When I left your father, I forsook everything but my code. The woman from my visions is real. I have no proof other than the word of an old man and this sword, but I swear by my code what I say is true.” The prince frowned. “You disappoint me… that such an intangible thing like honor stands in the way whats right and just. I just why should I care if this woman is real or not?”

The knight looked at the young prince sternly. “Because I believe the woman was the culprit behind the attack on your father years ago.” The prince considered the words of the knight. “Very well. I offer a bargain. You help me uncover this false king, and I will give you anything in my power as King of Aldra.” Prince Rohan extended his hand and rolled up his sleeve. A tradition among the human cultures while making a bargain. The Nameless Knight looked on at the prince, but began to remove his leather gauntlet. “I have no need for my title or name now good prince, but I do ask for your aid. Help me seek out the source of this curse, so that it can never be inflicted on the living ever again.”

Taking the knights hand and forearm in agreement the prince looked him in the eye with a smirk. “Done.”

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