The Nameless Knight displayed his torso to Manoth. His body over the years had become a road map of scars and signs of battle. The rotting flesh peeled from him, but one spot stood out. Over his heart, a deep black wound with vein-like scars coming from its center. “This is where he struck me. The blade was removed, but it dissolved before the royal wizard could examine it.” Realizing just how horrified Manoth looked, the knight put on his under shirt again.

As the two spoke, fatigue seemed to loosen its grip on the Nameless Knight. A sense of peace entered him as he told his tale.“A decade has gone by since then. The visions now haunt me near constantly. The rotting did not begin until recently however.” Manoth, barley able to hold back his sorrow, cleared his throat and sat across from the knight. With the fire between them, they locked gaze. “Good Sir, I beg your forgiveness.” Manoth bowed so low that his forehead touched the ground. “I know of the woman you speak of…”

The knight’s stare felt like daggers to Manoth. “Elder, I demand you tell me what you know. She is the key to this. If I can slay her, I can at the very least prevent this fate from happening to others!” Manoth sat up and looked sternly back. “You cannot slay my sister. She is an eternal creature. Cutting her down would only stifle her plans by a century or so…” The knight sprang from his spot and grabbed Manoth by his collar. A moment later, Manoth felt the cold edge of steel on his throat. “How?! What are you saying?!”

Manoth took the blade between his teeth and shattered it like thin ice. Grabbing the knight by his wrist, he clamped down with his grip hard enough to bend the steel of his gauntlet. And with a single thrust of his right hand, Manoth sent the knight flying over the fire back to his spot. “You’re desperation clouds your thoughts mortal. I will reveal what you wish. Mere words will not suffice this time.”

The knight picked up the other sword from the ground and held it as he watched in awe. The old man bent and warped, growing several dozen feet tall, his skin melted away revealing shining golden scales, and his eyes became as sapphires, glowing in the firelight. “Stay your arms good knight, I am not your foe.” Manoth opened his great wings, blotting out the night sky.

The knight eased himself to his feet, dropping the blade again. “You… are…”

“A dragon.” Manoth replied with a low booming voice.

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Game: Pathfinder
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