The knight froze in place. Dragons are known to the mortals, but seldom do they ever reveal themselves. Through out written history, many dragons were named and cataloged. Ulgrath the Vicious, a black dragon of terrible cruelty and might. Worse yet was Tyranus, the Eater of Heroes. Some few were recorded that were benevolent. The only one that came to mind was kind hearted Karodu.

“Listen well brave knight, I will tell you what I know.” Manoth in his golden radiance, seemed to shine brighter than the campfire he so lovingly tended. “I am older than this world. I was there when the gods created the soil you walk upon. In my time, I have fought many battles and seen horrors that would drive you mad by describing them. What has happened to you is a curse upon the living. It transcends anything I have seen done to a soul.”

Manoth gazed at the knight, his stare penetrating his flesh and soul alike. “A dark seed has planted itself in you. It has taken root in your body, but your soul is only stained.” The knight was shook to his core. “Dragon… Manoth… Can I be spared this fate?” Manoth stayed silent for what seemed like hours. “Your soul can, but I fear your time is short.”

Clenching his fists, the knight kneeled and declared. “If you tell me how, I will make it so.” With a solemn nod, Manoth whispered in the tongue of dragons. The discarded blade shuttered and lifted off the ground, levitating at the dragon’s eye level. With a sudden shout, Manoth roared “secare” The blade was transformed. It looked as new as the day it was forged, all blemishes from the blade were gone, and the steel had a glorious mirror shine.

“This weapon is not magical, honorable knight. I merely brought out all of its potential. But magic can aid you in your journey.” Another whisper and the knight too levitated. “Steady your resolve, your mind will be your salvation.” The knight nodded and braced himself. With a deep breath, Manoth roared with the fury of a storm, “Ustulo!” The knight cried out in pain as flames spilled from the cracks in his armor.

The sun began to rise. When the knight came to, Manoth was there, human again. “I have shared with you the smallest spark of my fire. Beware of this magic. If you do not show restraint, it will consume you.” The knight went to speak, but his voice was weak and raspy. “Thank you.” Manoth nodded with a disheartened frown. “Seek out my sister. The visions will lead you to her lair. Find the source of this darkness and snuff it out. It must never plague the mortal world.”

The knight and Manoth stood on the road, ready to part ways. “Your sister’s name. What is it?”

Manoth stood silent, but finally spoke with an air of sorrow.


Author Vendon
Game: Pathfinder
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  • Zenru45
    February 6, 2018 at 3:28 pm
    I had a feeling she was going to show up. I remembered that bit about how she created the plague of undeath... like ALL OF IT ever.
  • aerthrall
    February 6, 2018 at 8:15 pm
    Here's hoping they can roll a 20 like zen to not die on the first encounter and just amuse her enough to let them leave after
  • Ari
    February 20, 2018 at 11:03 pm
    Great description on the sword, especially the mirror-ended shine. It also now seems the big bad has been revealed.

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