"There," Emma said, setting down the pen. "No turning back now."


Arialynn's eyes shifted to the parchment where Emma had just signed her name on the roster for the first wave to storm the Dark Portal. Her gaze returned to the young paladin, who still bore one or two burn scars from her last battle alongside the Templars. “War is not the best time to prove oneself, Emma." 


"No," Emma agreed. "This is about defending my home…and my sister. She's the only family I've got left." 


The Justicar was silent a long moment, its length spent with her gaze fastened on Emma, studying her intently. “And you are the only family she has left,” she replied, her words deliberate and firm.


Emma opened her mouth, but the truth was that the thought hadn't occurred to her. "I… hadn't thought of it like that before." 


Arialynn’s eyes studied one Emma's scars. “Recent events have been harsh. You bear proof that you no longer can think of yourself as invincible. You are aware of your own mortality. But such a humbling reminder does not bequeath all wisdom — or guarantee what you are doing is for the right reasons."


"Doing what for the right reasons?" 


Emma winced. It was Mallory's voice coming up behind her.




OOC Note: Arialynn appears with permission from her player.

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