As Aertemis and Doradrassil discuss the situation, Chrissinne enters with a ridiculously adorable yak!


Doradrassil stares at…the…yak…

Aertemis: You are sure this really is a good idea, including me as a Warden, little shadow?

Doradrassil: …including….um… *looks very distracted* …a YAK.

Aertemis: ….I've seen stranger.

Doradrassil: But yes, I think now is as good a time as any.

Aertemis: ….Isn't it enough that they've finally removed the watch from me?
 All of it?

Doradrassil: I thought you would relish this opportunity.

Aertemis: ……Yes, and no.

Doradrassil: "And no?" Still just too awkward?

Aertemis: …Something like that

Doradrassil: Evening, Mudatne.

Chrissinne's face remains drawn in a neutral, unreadable line as her gaze bounces between the other two. It's hard to tell if she's displeased, or unphased by their presence.

Doradrassil: Thanks for coming.

Chrissinne: Skip the pleasantry.

Doradrassil: Charming as ever, I see. *digs a tightly wrapped object out of her satchel* The situation concerns this book, and more importantly, the warlock who had it made.

Doradrassil: From the information I've been briefed on, I would consider this warlock to be in the same threat class, or close, as Gul'dan.

Chrissinne's head cant's ever so slightly, but her expression does not change in the slightest, blank and unreadable.

Doradrassil: The warlock has a base in Duskwood where she employs a number of students to team up in channeling her spells. She's been summoning increasingly powerful demons and binding them to her students…

Doradrassil: There are at least two of these tomes, perhaps three. All are necessary for her operation to continue. One student escaped and took this with her.

Chrissinne doesn't seem phased in the slightest at the gorish material in which the book is bound. Though she studies it, whether or not it's with interest is uncertain.

Doradrassil: The warlock's operations are set back considerably without this, but she may be well on her way to crafting a replacement by now.

Chrissinne: I fail to see how this is our problem.

Doradrassil frowns with disappointment at Chrissinne.

Chrissinne: Duskwood. Humans. Non-magical assault.

Chrissinne: Leave it to the SI:7.

Doradrassil: Increasingly. Powerful. Demons. Therefore increasing in rank. Sooner or later, she'll bring the entire Burning Legion on herself…and Azeroth.

Aertemis: Our job.

Aertemis: Is to stop those kinds of threats.

Chrissinne: It's not /our/ jurisdiction.

Chrissinne: When they prove themselves useless, then it's our problem.

Aertemis: …We do lots of things not in our jurisdiction.

Aertemis: Always have.

Doradrassil: That kind of complacency is not what we're about. We can't wait until they're on the march.

Chrissinne tilts her head toward Aertemis, her inflection not changing. "I'm happy for you."

Chrissinne: I never claimed to be complacent.

Chrissinne: I'm saying I fail to see why it's our problem.

Doradrassil: Not claiming it, but showing it.

Doradrassil: Very well. I'm sure this building isn't within your "jurisdiction" either. Last I heard, you were stationed in barrow dens on Mount Hyjal, I believe?

Chrissinne: The proximity of the SI:7 allows them to be more of the logical choice.

Chrissinne: My station is none of your concern, nor your business.

Doradrassil: Then feel free to obsess over your jurisdiction, while others among us mind the real threats. Aertemis? I have some strategies I'd like to review with you.

Doradrassil turns and walks away.

Chrissinne: You're willing to sacrifice our manpower for something that can just as easily be handled by someone closer?

Chrissinne: I question your tactics.

Chrissinne: You're doing a terrible job of convincing me.

Aertemis shakes her head, and sighs, and follows Doradrassil.  "We'll need all the input we can get given who we are against."


Doradrassil: We have millennia more experience than anyone in SI:7. If you truly think they're capable of stopping this, then perhaps you've deeply underestimated our own order.

Doradrassil: Or forgotten our purpose.

Doradrassil: You're wasting our time.

Chrissinne: Clearly, you're too invested in this, and therefore misunderstood.

** OOC Note: There was a long pause here for OOC discussions in Mumble. Along with Dora & Chrissinne misunderstanding each other, it seems the players may have misunderstood each other as well. **

Doradrassil: Frankly, I'm rather more unsettled. We've been guarding dens and defending a nigh-impenetrable city, and it certainly sounds like complacency when we fuss over jurisdiction rather than a need when a real threat comes along.

Chrissinne: I'm aware of the gravity of the situation. And while she was dismissive, your partner had a point.

Doradrassil: Could SI:7 take this warlock out? …possibly. With casualties.

Chrissinne: Casualties are an occupational hazard. Accept it.

Doradrassil: Could we? Swiftly. And I dare wager, without casualties, civilian or otherwise.

Chrissinne: Perhaps. If you're objective enough.

Chrissinne: Which you do not seem to be.

Chrissinne: Otherwise, you might not have been blind to the fact that the SI:7 can be used to our advantage.

Chrissinne: Instead you seem keen enough to fight me, rather than put forth ideas.

You blink at Chrissinne.

Doradrassil: You began arguing with me before I could give any ideas.

Chrissinne: However, have it your way. I'm only wasting your time.

Doradrassil: Very well.

Chrissinne: I merely gave you another option.

Doradrassil: You would use them how? As meat shields?

Chrissinne: This is your plan. Wouldn't that be for you to decide?

Chrissinne: Get your emotions out of it. Think objectively. Utilize all resources. You might actually get somewhere.

Chrissinne: Especially if she's as much of a threat as you parade her to be.

Doradrassil: If you're only here to antagonize and not contribute, I believe we're done.

Chrissinne: If you see my contribution as antagonizing, you are only furthuring my point.

** OOC Note: Another long pause for OOC discussion via Mumble, at which point we finally realized these two are on the same page, but that Chrissinne just gives her ideas hidden deep inside a tangle of barbed wire. Aertemis' player had to go to bed at this point. **

Chrissinne: If you see my contribution as antagonizing, you are only furthuring my point. You are not approaching this objective enough. I've provided you a resource. It's up to you to figure out how to use it.

Chrissinne: In our position, all options must be open.

Doradrassil: The Stormwind Guard are already involved, if it's any consolation. I'll make sure they share their information with SI:7 as well.

Chrissinne: It would be to your advantage.

Doradrassil: But this needs to be dealt with before it becomes a wider threat.

Chrissinne: That's why you make all options available.

Doradrassil: Particularly with the Dark Portal in fair proximity to Duskwood, and news of Gul'dan being alive on the other side.

Chrissinne: Even more reason.

Chrissinne: Finally, you are thinking.

Doradrassil: That book, and another piece of information, can also be used to set a trap, if you'll hear me out and perhaps contribute some ideas as well.

Chrissinne: I'm aware of the book's properties.

Chrissinne doesn't even flinch as the yak at her side begins to nibble on her tabard.

Doradrassil: Right then. There's also her name. Say it, or write it, it alerts her.

Chrissinne: Names have power. Are you surprised?

Doradrassil: That's a bit more than your average warlock. Seems you've already been briefed then.

Chrissinne: Frankly, I am wondering why no one is delving to find her "true" name. Isn't that how you bind demons?

Chrissinne tilts her head, indicating that might have been a joke.

Doradrassil: Heh. She seems to be trying to become one, it turns out. And we've been working on that. Tracking down her records when you can't say or write her name or she knows about it…it's caused some problems.

Doradrassil: And no known associates, other than her students.

Chrissinne: Perhaps it's time to start saying her name more than she cares for.

Doradrassil smiles at Chrissinne.

Doradrassil: Hmm. I like that.

Doradrassil: Someone did suggest having hundreds of wanted posters made. We agreed it'd be worthless, but to overwhelm her with chatter… That could be useful.

Doradrassil: …thanks, Mudatne.

Chrissinne: And here I thought you didn't have a brain. You just weren't putting it to use.

Doradrassil: Yeah yeah, good to see you too.

Doradrassil smirks slyly at Chrissinne.

Doradrassil: I'll give Priestess Everley your regards.

Chrissinne: …Who?

Doradrassil smiles at Chrissinne.

Doradrassil: Nothing. A girl you ticked off one day. I'm sure that doesn't narrow it down though, right?

Chrissinne: Such bothersome things, aren't they? Tempers.

Doradrassil: Heh. Take care.

Doradrassil stands at attention and salutes.

Chrissinne gives the barest of nods, but it is a gesture of acknowledgement.

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