Auris  stared down at the corpse of an orc warrior, his throat was purple from where the roots had strangled him. Her daughter, Ayelinn, was limping over from her encounter with a goblin, which lay whimpering on the grass, a throwing dagger landed in his chest to silence him, Star appeared by Auris a moment later. “I forget how brutal you can be sometimes.” The gnome kicked the orc, inspecting the handiwork with a disturbing glint in her eyes. 

“It was unfortunately necessary, something here feels wrong. Where is Robin? I want to know if she senses it as well, I have suspicions.” 

Star shook her head. “She went to Silithus with a research team. But last I heard from her, those rocks make her feel uneasy. I don’t see why, though, they’re bright, yeah, but…eh.” 

The druid nodded and sighed. “Well, we shall press on, then. Where is your grandmother, Ayelinn?”

The younger druid stood taller as healing energy flowed over her wounds. “She’s on Teldrassil, last I knew. Shaladine went to check on her.” 

“At least the demon hunter is making herself useful.” Auris said the words with distate, but couldn’t help but be thankful someone was going to look after her mother. Afterall, Shaladine was all Auris had left of her brother. 

Star giggled and a small explosion went off behind them. “Oh, dear, guess they found my trap. C’mon, Auris, lead the way.”

Auris turned towards the shore, something felt…wrong. “This way.”

“Mother, what do we do about the horde…on the way…?”

The old druid frowned grimly. “Kill as many as we can.” 

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