Then the crash so loud ringing in her ears where were they where was he when did the world become so bright and loud and cluttered lights so bright they lit up the universe yet everything was so dark so dark so lost and alone where where they where was he why wouldn’t he answer oh gods where was it how could it be it was right here when she left now it was gone it made her laugh no cry no laugh is was a joke it had to be someone was pulling a funny it was him he was so funny always made her laugh her Dance ah how she missed him where was he anyway he should be here at their academy that wasn’t here either joke bad joke not funny she would tell him not at all funny but she would be laughing she was always laughing when she was with him so funny so fun so lost so there where where where were when why would she know how he could see into her always could he knew her no one had known her but he knew her he knew her name her real name not fake Shae name even had told him that because he was all and everything and where was he he should be here here where was here just a hole not here not where she meant to go must be lost lost loss all was empty hollow without form it could only be a joke bad joke she would tell him not funny but she would be laughing…




…she always laughed with him he was so funny he…


“Miss? I don’t think she can hear me.”


…voices but not his not his not here where was he…


“She looks like death. When’s the last time you slept, Miss?”


…sleep he sleep slept sleeping he was asleep he was home he was sleeping she would go she had been gone where was he…


“You’ll be okay, Miss. Get the…yes, that. It will be okay! There has been a…uh…an accident.”


…it wasn’t here it should be here it wasn’t here…


“Bloody huge accident. Just a moon destroying…”


“Hush. I’m going to give you this medicine. It will help you sleep.”


…sleep he was asleep he was here where was…


Something cool touched her lips, a liquid entered her mouth. She swallowed on instinct, barely noticed until the world began to grow dark. Then she fought as waves of fatigue began to rush over her. She fought the darkness, the dreams she feared. She fought until her eyes closed and her oneirophrenic fervor faded into sweet nothingness.

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