Doradrassil frowned, surveying the fortress' main courtyard for what must have been the trillionth time. She didn't like this stalemate one bit… The lockdown was so tight that they knew they had trapped Silvergear within Fort Kickass after the attack on Rann. Peter had done well in keeping a close guard on Mallory, and making sure there were no holes in her defense.


Knowing that Silvergear had developed a dislike for her employer, Doradrassil had been tempted to deliberately allow the Warden a path out of the fortress just to ease the strain. But she knew where that would lead… Trisahna Wolfrider would be next on the list, and she had no way to warn the blood elf of what was coming.


She narrowed her eyes, not daring to close them. There had to be a common thread… Kageseji, Rann, Mallory, Trisahna… Two of the names were Shadowsage's daughters… One was her best friend… The last, Mallory, was Shadowsage's "employer" after a fashion. But the perpetrator couldn't have known that… Could he? No, too few knew that Mallory was the Shadow Trader, and if it was regarding her business, Kageseji and Trisahna wouldn't have made the list. It seemed to be a hit list. Had they all transgressed against this person in some way? Doradrassil found it difficult to imagine Mallory offending anyone. And if this was someone who had been trespassed against in some way, he would be targeting more than Templars. 


Unless it had been a Templar operation that had drawn his ire. Had the four of them been on a mission together?


But then, wouldn't his ire be directed toward Arialynn? Wouldn't the Justicar be on that list? She was on Sielic's list, quite clearly, but this seemed…different. Sielic seemed to prefer committing the crimes himself, rather than going through a bounty hunter or an assassin.


So there were two people gunning for Templars, with common threads drawing some of the targets together. Family… 


Family! Doradrassil thought, blinking. Shadowsage's daughters, and a friend so close that one of the daughters calls her an aunt! And a relatively close friend in Mallory as well.


Someone was trying to get to Shadowsage by targeting those close to her.


If this was true, then even her forced transformation into a worgen, and the first kidnapping of Kageseji could possibly have been related. Which would mean the child was targeted not only once, but twice.


She gritted her teeth and gripped her umbra crescent. 


Somebody was going to die.

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